15 things that are common courtesy but are not so common anymore

Common courtesy is dead, or so we say. Funnily, in the last couple of days Facebook proved that people want it back.

Entertainment Desk June 26, 2015
Where has common courtesy gone? Photo: Almighty Dad

Common courtesy is dead, or so we say. Funnily, in the last couple of days Facebook proved that people want it back. A number of pictures started taking rounds on the social media website and we're beginning to wonder if people are hinting at something.

Tagging friends under these pictures, posting them on their wall and/ friends' walls, are more than just subtle hints which show that people want others to maintain a certain decorum.

We've compiled a list of 15 pictures that were going viral Facebook and kept popping up on our newsfeeds to show that people are demanding common courtesy, be it friends, strangers or family:

1. Pay them with food, nothing beats food. Ever.

2. Be polite and try to keep the volume to a minimum. 

3. Be mindful of others in public.

4. There is something called personal space, if you wouldn't like others going through your personal things, don't go through theirs either.

5. It's rude to ignore somebody when they are trying to reach you, best to give them a heads up about when you can get back to them.

6. Keep this in mind next time you go out with for a meal.

7. This will be highly appreciated among people who often give their cars to friends when they need it.

8. Free meals are always appreciated, but returning the favour will put you in that person's good books.

9. You might want to smoke, but not at the cost of someone's unease. Put it out immediately if the smoke puts someone on edge.

10. It's a public place, no need to wash your dirty linen in public.

11. It's considered discourteous to the host to leave the bed in an unkempt manner after staying the night.

12. Nobody likes asking for their money back. Give it back the first chance you get or if there will be a delay, tell the person.

13. Don't ever. Just don't.

14. The host will love you for it and you'll get time to bond as well.

15. All bookworms know the pain of giving away books and not receiving them back. It's like taking away someone's child. Don't put someone through that misery.

All photos have been taken from Facebook page Vanakkam Salem.