It's not just us, the Kapoors love Mawra Hocane too!

Published: June 26, 2015
After Ranbir, his mom Neetu showers praise on the Pakistani starlet.

After Ranbir, his mom Neetu showers praise on the Pakistani starlet.

Seems like Pakistani beauty Mawra Hocane has found a special spot in the hearts of the Kapoor family. First Ranbir made a heart-warming video admiring Mawra’s work and wishing to see her soon and now his mother Neetu Singh Kapoor also seems to be floored by the VJ-turned-actress.

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As we know, Mawra is pretty active on Instagram and uses the platform to keep her fans updated on her adventures. It appears that Neetu too is among hundreds of thousands of Mawra’s followers. The veteran Bollywood actress took many — including Mawra — by surprise when she left a comment on one of Mawra’s photos admitting to being her fan.

Incredible India, Les Roll! ;)

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Mawra was pleased to see Neetu’s comment and responded:

Although Neetu’s comment is a few weeks old, it is likely that her fondness of the Pakistani starlet has only grown as Mawra has since signed three Bollywood films.

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She is currently shooting her first movie in India which will feature Telugu actor Harshvardhan Rane. The movie’s title is expected to be released along with its poster in the coming days while the film will be released in September.

Earlier, Ranbir too had praised Mawra in a special video message. “Hi Mawra, this is Ranbir here, you are extremely beautiful, extremely talented and I hope to see you sometime soon,” he had said.

Right from Shimla. I hope to see you soon as well! ;)

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Mawra hasn’t revealed anything about her other two Bollywood projects yet leaving fans hopeful they might get to see Ranbir and her in at least on of her three movies.

Well, we can’t wait to hear from her and in the meanwhile will continue to stalk her on Instagram!

It's a rings kind of day!

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RISE and SHINE! ✨ #MawraHocane #Mumbai ✈️ #TravelDiaries

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Them Eyes though! ✨

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Heart beat stops. Colors and promises. How to be brave. How can I love when I'm afraid. To. Fall.

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Travel Diaries: Enroute Bangkok, Swaadeekaaa! ;) @tenadurrani

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The mandatory Jumeirah beach picture with Burj Al Arab in the background! okbye.

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JustWaterWorldThings! ✨ #embarassingchild #overexcited #Dubai #Mytraveldiaries ✈️

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Magnificent Mumbai. ✈️ #mawrahocane #worklife

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    one comment and ET made a news out of it. great.Recommend

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    Stay away from Ranbir Kapoor.Recommend

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    Good for Mawra! Way to go, girl.Recommend

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    Why is this news? Recommend

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    Jun 27, 2015 - 1:22AM

    Mawra is beautiful and talented indeed. Thank you Ranbir for your recognition. Recommend

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    [email protected]: Chaudhari, how do you find time from your political agenda to keep blaming India, even for heat wave in Karachi.Recommend

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    why I always find indians to comment on pakistani website? don’t you have anything productive to do than doing propaganda against pakistan? Recommend

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    Oct 28, 2015 - 1:18AM

    If Mawra and Ranbir got married, they will be one of world’s most cutest couple. fingers crossed xxx :) Recommend

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