Breaking the internet, one 'Chutki' at a time

Internet sensation Gaurav Gera speaks exclusively to The Express Tribune

Ibriz Sheikh/Sundar Waqar June 22, 2015

If there is one man who can turn an otherwise ordinary relationship between a customer and a shopkeeper into an internet sensation, it is none other than Guarav Gera -- the brains behind the shopkeeper, Chutki video series. 

Taking social media by storm one video at a time, Gera juggles between the roles of a crude shopkeeper and his frequent customer, Chutki.

Although all his videos follow a consistent theme and revolve around the two characters, Chutki-- a girl with black hair messily parted in two different coloured pony tails and bright red lipstick smudged around her lips -- and the shopkeeper; the pair has desi audiences captivated around the world.

"I think with shopkeeper, what attracted people is the randomness of it, the strange feel of talking to a complete stranger," Gera said, while speaking to The Express Tribune.

Capturing the 'random relationship' between a shopkeeper and a customer was his inspiration but assuming the persona of both characters was his way attracting audiences on a low budget.

"I needed actors for the video and I decided it will be cheapest for me to cast myself, plus I am always available for myself," he added.

Regarding the character that has the sub-continent going gaga over him, Gera says, "Chutki is a different kind of girl, she is a go-getter."

"Maybe her lipstick is what attracts people but there is much more to her beyond the lipstick," he adds.

While Chutki has audiences smitten with her sheepish voice and flirtatious demeanour, whether she will reign over shopkeeper's heart remains a mystery even for Gera who claims, "I don't know if they'll get married, I'm just going with the flow."

But he cleverly adds, "If the husband and wife are ready, then there is little that I can do."

The internet sensation, who makes videos on the go for over 86,320 Facebook and 67,500 Instagram followers, is well aware of his widespread fan-base in Pakistan.

"I know a lot of people in Pakistan are watching my videos and I read their comments and send them lots of love back."

However, the actor has no plans of visiting Pakistan soon. "I don't have a plan yet to visit Pakistan  as such but you never know."

We compiled our very own top 10 shopkeeper-Chutki videos just in case you haven't discovered them yet:

And a special one because it's Ramazan:


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