20,000 Form 15s missing from ECP record, claims Imran

Says 25 million ballots unaccounted for; Parvez Rashid insists elections were transparent

Web Desk June 12, 2015
Imran Khan along with party members addresses a press conference in Islamabad on Friday, June 12, 2015. PHOTO: AGHA MEHROZ/EXPRESS

ISLAMABAD: Illustrating his argument that the 2013 polls were ‘systematically rigged’, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said 20,000 Form 15s, which contain details of use of ballot papers, were missing from record obtained from 56,000 polling stations out of the total 70,000 across the country.

“6,870 polling bags were already open and their seal was broken,” said Imran, while addressing a press conference in Islamabad Friday evening.

He said the absence of 20,000 Form 15s implied 25 million ballots were unaccounted for.

“This is part of the official record and I am telling you the figures presented to the judicial commission,” said Imran.

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Explaining his earlier stance that a number of constituencies were provided with extra ballots, the PTI chairman said there were about 149 constituencies which were ‘favoured’ in this regard. These include, he said, constituencies of mostly Pakistan Muslim League candidates including Saad Rafiq, Hamza Shahbaz, Captain (retd) Safdar and Khurram Dastageer, among others.

“There were only six constituencies in which PTI candidates were provided extra ballot papers.”

He said other than Form 15, other ways to confirm the authenticity of polls was to verify thumb prints but Nadra chairman said they did not have the relevant machine to do so.

“Even the RMS system provided by the UNDP to scan the results stopped working after the speech by Nawaz Sharif,” said the PTI chief. “

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Imran said rigging took place, which was also acknowledged by all party leaders but the question is to what extent, and that is what the poll inquiry commission has to decide.

“It should be clear now which party got the benefit [from missing Form 15s, closure of RMS system, etc].”

He said the commission had to decide and his party would not influence its decision.

According to a summary of reports submitted by the returning officers to a three-judge commission on Thursday, of the 62,990 polling stations in 241 National Assembly constituencies, Form-15, are missing from vote bags of 20,672 polling stations that were opened for an inquiry into allegations of widespread rigging in the 2013 general elections.

The reports also claimed that 6,802 polling bags were already opened and that 687 vote bags were missing altogether.

Of the 39,000 polling stations for 287 Punjab Assembly constituencies, Form-15 are missing from 12,000 polling stations, while 4,655 vote bags were opened and 461 are missing.

Rashid slams ‘rigging’ claims

Reacting to PTI chairman’s press conference, Information Minister Pervez Rashid claimed Imran was involved in the disappearance of 44% of Form 15s.

“If the PML-N has had a hand in the absence of forms, PTI is responsible for double the number,” he said, while addressing the media in Islamabad.

Rashid accused Imran of resorting to lies and false claims over Form 15, saying the 2013 general were transparent and justified.

He questioned Imran on why has not approached the courts or the judicial commission to prove his allegations.

“Imran should answer why elections in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa were violence- and protest-marred and resulted in the deaths of 20 people.”


Adnan Siddiqi | 6 years ago | Reply @OS: Thanks for looking forward to my argument but the fact is that it is the media that is reporting that these form 15s are missing and as usual, generating a frenzy out of this purely for commercial and rating purpose. JC has not set a deadline etched in stone in this regard and even it is well aware that extracting such thousands of forms from hundreds of constituencies from across Pakistan is not child's play. Record preserving capacity of our institutions is a mess and it is rather cumbersome task, believe it or not. Secondly, going by the "Beneficiary" logic of Mr. Junkie Niazi - more than 98% of KPK has yet to turn up with the form 15s of the province's provisional and national constituencies. Can we rightfully deduce that it was the fan club party that carried out rigging in it's favor in KPK through the ROs there? The great % of such missing forms in KPK lends further credence to at least a couple of PTI legislators from KPK getting disqualified for rigging in the last two years through the election tribunals. Then there is MPA Hafeezuddin who got canned for rigging and disqualified by the Karachi election tribunal. Lastly, since PTI's counsel's lips were sealed during the deposition of Najam Sethi and the ROs called in by PML-Q - the cult worshiping party is just hustling around to get a hold of something that'd stick. This theory just like all the rest would go kaboom right on the face of Niazi. It's the form 14 that counts not some silly little form 15.
OS | 6 years ago | Reply @Adnan Siddiqi: As usual was waiting for your good argument as oppose to this.
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