5 ways to deal with a food hangover

Food hangover means excessive eating of starchy or fatty food, and then feeling sick minutes later

Entertainment Desk May 25, 2015

Ever heard about a food hangover? Well it's similar to the feeling you have when you gorge on food during iftar. The term food hangover has been devised by the urban dictionary which means excessive eating of starchy or fatty food, and then feeling sick minutes later. 

While speaking to Times of India, Dietician and weight management specialist Rachna Singhdeo said, “Many of us might never realise a food hangover because we tend to consider any food related ailment to be a stomach upset."

Here are five tips you should consider in case you face a food hangover.

1. Keep calm:


Stressing over the matter will worsen your current condition. This is so because the body starts behaving differently and it will take a while for your digestive system to produce the required enzymes to break down the food.

2. Try chewing gum:


It is not a tested solution, but Rachna suggests that chewing gum helps produce saliva which activates stomach acid and moves the overeaten contents in the stomach to the small intestine.

3. Green tea:


The best known benefit of green tea is weight loss, however, it can also help in food digestion. Nutritionist Girish Tode, said, "Choose a tea that's caffeine-free. However, do not expect quick relief. Being herbal, it helps reduce the birthing sensation and breaks down the food elements."

4. Drink water:


Although it might not seem ideal but it is probably the most effective solution to a food hangover. At first drinking water might make you feel slightly more bloated, but within a few minutes will help relieve the hangover sensation.

5. Walk around:


Avoid sitting or lazying around because that will not stabilize your bloated body. However, walking around will help keep your digestive system digest the foods.


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