Exodus from Bol begins over Axact scandal

Journalists belonging to Axact's media initiative Bol Network announce resignations on Twitter

Web Desk May 23, 2015

Journalists belonging to Axact's media initiative Bol Network began dissociating themselves from the network late on Saturday, days after a NYT report revealed the company was running the world's largest fake diploma mill.

Senior journalist Kamran Khan was the first to announce his decision to resign from Bol Network on  Twitter.

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The journalist tweeted: "Charges against Axact far from proven in court but my conscience not letting me continue. I've decided to disassociate from Bol immediately."

Shortly after Kamran's resignation, Azhar Abbas, Iftikhar Ahmed, Wajahat Khan, Asma Shirazi and Nusrat Javeed also tweeted that they have resigned from the network.

Earlier during the day, Shirazi tweeted that she will resign immediately if allegations against Bol are proven true.

Nusrat Javeed tweeted "Although I strongly feel that my colleagues in media rushed to pass final judgement regarding our relations with Bol. Yet I am quitting."

He respected sentiments of his colleague Mushtaq Minhas who announced that he could not abandon the channel's staff and will be staying on.

Jasmeen Manzoor too announced that she was staying with Bol, for now.

Hours before his resignation Kamran tweeted that many 'respected senior journalists,' including himself, were reviewing their decision to stay at Bol or not.

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Earlier, a political analyst tweeted that the two 'main pillars' of Bol network would tender their resignations soon in an apparent reference to senior journalists Kamran Khan and Azhar Abbas.

Further, earlier, Wajahat Khan also tweeted he was consulting his mentors and family whether to stay at the network or not.

Reacting to the news, many took a jibe at the journalists for not doing homework before joining the network.






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