Hate crime: Woman imprisoned for shoving Hindu man off New York subway platform

Mendez confessed she hated all Muslims and Hindus since 9/11 and was 'mad because she liked the buildings'

Web Desk May 21, 2015

NEWYORK: A woman was sentenced to 24 years in prison after she confessed to killing a Hindu man by shoving him off a New York subway platform in a racially motivated attack.

Erika Menendez was sentenced on Wednesday after pleading guilty to manslaughter for killing Sunando Sen in December  2012 in Queens.

The 33-year-old was seen talking to herself and pacing back and forth on the No7 train platform. As the train entered the station Menendez approached Sen from behind and shoved him onto the tracks. Sen was struck by the train and died of multiple blunt force injuries.

Mendez told the police that she acted the way she did because she hates “all Muslims and Hindus” since the 9/11 terror attacks.

Menendez had previously expressed no remorse and told detectives that she heartlessly killed the man because she “thought it was cool”.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown called the killing 'every subway commuter's worst nightmare.'

In January 2013, she had given an interview from Rikers Island where she is being held in custody, telling the Post that she was furious the day she ended the life of the hard-working Indian man.

“My mind was just racing that day. I was mad. I was just angry,” Menendez said.

'I was homeless. I was hungry. I was fighting with my boyfriend. He came running up the stairs, and I just got up and pushed him.'

Sen hardly had time to react.

'He was trying to shake me off,' she said.


Menendez also professed her hatred for Muslims and Hindus and told The Post the murder of Sen was revenge for 9/11.

Menendez wasn’t enraged because of the massive loss of lives 9/11 took but she loved the buildings, she confessed.

“I'm not mad about the people. I'm mad because I liked the buildings,' Menendez said. 'I just wanted to hurt Muslims and Hindus ever since (9/11).”

She remained fairly impassive during the interview but her eyes lit up when she began describing other attacks on people she believed were Hindu or Muslim.

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"I've been beating up Muslims and Hindus for a long time. I just want to hurt them. I would punch them," she said.

She admitted in the interview that Sen stood out among the other subway riders because of his religion but the death could have been avoided if she had taken her medication, she told The Post.

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The mentally ill woman revealed that she had skipped taking her medication because she hated the side effects which according to her made her ‘shaky’.

Menendez said she prefers to ‘self-medicate’ by smoking marijuana but she had not smoked a ‘blunt’ that day.

On the other hand, Sen’s friends struggled to come to terms with his death

'How could she do this to him? My hands shake. I can't be alone. I think of him all the time, all the time,' the woman he rented a room from in Queens told The Post.

She said her son was now scared to ride the subway.

'We were family. Who cares if he is Muslim or Hindu? He was a man,' she said.

The article originally appeared on DailyMail


unbelievable | 6 years ago | Reply She will be almost 60 when she gets out of prison - with her attitude I suspect she may find out in prison what it's like to be punched.
KARMA | 6 years ago | Reply “I’m not mad about the people. I’m mad because I liked the buildings." What a psycho!
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