War on terrorism will be won at all costs: Nisar

Interior minister says solution to battle terrorism is not to fight among ourselves but to unite as a nation

Web Desk May 16, 2015

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said on Saturday said that the nation must unite to fight the war against terrorism. 

"The solution is not to fight among ourselves, rather, we should unite as a nation and fight terrorism together," he said in reference to Karachi's Safora incident.

He said that the war on terrorism would be won at all costs to make the country a 'cradle of peace'.

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According to the minister, strict measures have been taken against miscreants and terrorists in the country due to which they were now "targeting soft targets in desperation."

He further added that terrorists aimed to drive a wedge in society through acts of terrorism and it is the responsibility of the entire nation and the political parties to commit to the defeat against terrorists.

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Commenting on the overall law and order situation in the country, he said that since the launch of the operation in June 2014 against terrorism, things had improved and reassured that further efforts to eradicate criminal acts would be beefed up.

Concluding, the minister informed that he was going to prepare a three-year schedule for each union council which he would then also prepare for each province.


expatpakistani | 6 years ago | Reply Well, Cost of the innocent civilians? These pharos live in the palaces and talk about the normal person on the street of Pakistan.These arrogant SOBs have no stake in this blood shed, as long as their estates are safe. They are the real curse along with their friends in corrupt establishment. All this mess is because of their hidden support to the banned religious gangs and now enemies are exploiting them. Our agencies are good to kill and spy on our own people, however when the enemy attacks they miserable fails. From Tehran Base to APS to Safoora all failures. There might be some successes in between, but they need to stop conquering their own people and focus on enemies within and beyond the state.
OBSERVER | 6 years ago | Reply war on terrorism would be won at all costs but how? by your talk...your focus on war on terror is not to shut the factory from where it is produced but to run after the finished product.Once manufactured and delivered the finish product the foot soldier can not be caught are dissuades..
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