Pakistani Christians face relentless inequality and abuse: Youhanabad church reverend

Christ Church Reverend Irshad Ashknaz says Christians in Pakistan have become an easy target of hate and inequality

Web Desk April 08, 2015
Christ Church Reverend Irshad Ashknaz. SCREENGRAB

The wounds of the horrific suicide blasts in two churches of Youhanabad are still fresh. Christ Church Reverend Irshad Ashknaz says Christians in Pakistan are a constant target of hate and inequality.

“We deal with discrimination on a daily basis,” Ashknaz said.

Christ Church in Youhanabad. SCREENGRAB

Ashknaz said that Christians in Pakistan are discriminated on the basis of their religion and hence are denied jobs all over the country.

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“Hate is spread against us. When people are faced with relentless inequality and abuse, they finally let their emotions go. That is probably what took over the mob on the day of the attacks,” he said.

Meerab, the 15-year-old girl whose father bravely gave his life while attempting to stop the suicide bomber to enter into the church said that she was extremely proud of him.

15-year-old Meerab Afzal. SCREENGRAB

“It’s really strange to be at church without him,” she said.

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“I’m proud of him because he saved a lot of lives, but I miss him every day,” she added.

A 21-year-old Christian girl, Sataish Samuel from the Christian community in Lahore said that she loves Pakistan but is unsure about her future here.

21-year-old Sataish Samuel. SCREENGRAB

“I love my country, and I want to be a part of its prosperity, but I don’t think that will be possible,” Sataish said.

The video of the interviews originally appeared on BBC News


Buddy | 9 years ago | Reply @Bewildered: Can you answer this question? How many minority communities have been bombed in the so called Christian West v/s the atrocities against the minority communities in the East, including our beloved country? The basis on which the sub-continent was divided in 1947 under the vision of Mr. Jinnah has been compromised from its outset. Considering this premise the division should never have taken place.
Hanif | 9 years ago | Reply I do not agree to this statement that Christians are not given jobs because of their religions and I am really surprised that this guy has stated such a comment. This is a sheer publicity stunt. Christians or any other minority in Pakistan have equal rights and from my own experience of past 10 years I have seen number of people in organizations that have been hired irrespective of their religions. In fact I myself have hired people from other religions and this does not even count. This is appalling to say the least that the western media is trying every bit to defame Pakistan with this minority challenge now.
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