5 ways to win over your wife

Once the honeymoon phase is over, it takes extra effort to keep the relationship going.

Web Desk April 01, 2015
Sometimes appreciating your wife through small things goes a long way.

After a long and tiring day at work, a nagging wife is not a very pleasant surprise to come home to, or worse yet, a wife who chooses to ignore your existence. Sadly, this is the reality of most marriages that we know of.

Once the “honeymoon” novelty is over and the struggles of daily life begin to take over, it can feel as if the marriage has fallen into a rut. Gone is the spark the two felt in those giddy initial days, when one look at your better half gave you butterflies in your stomach. Now everyday life has set in, and the initial romance seems to have gone out the window. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to get the missing spark back in your married life.

1. Your satisfaction lies within your own home

The easiest solution during the fallout seems to be to give up and start a new beginning elsewhere. But such a solution is only temporary at best and comes with no guarantees. Recognize the fact that the satisfaction you seek is already there in your own home - you just need to work to find it.

2. Tell your wife you love her

Tell, don't show. Your wife needs to hear those three magic words from you. It's very easy to think that you show your love for her through everything you do for her, but the truth is that she feels reassured when she hears you say "I love you" from your mouth from time to time.

3. Appreciate what she does for you

Your wife is super-woman! She holds the fort at home when you go out to earn your daily bread. She cooks, cleans, cares for your children, probably your parents, and sometimes even manages her own job along with all this. Surely, she deserves some praise and appreciation for all that she does for you. A burnt roti is not the end of the world, thank her for being the great wife/mother that she is.

4. Surprise her with gifts for no reason at all

We don't mean that you splurge on an expensive diamond necklace if you can't afford it, if you can afford it, then by all means. But there are other little things you can get your wife. Don't wait for her birthday or Valentine's Day. Surprise her by coming homing with a bouquet or have some delivered to your house while you’re at work. It will be worth it just to see a smile on her face.

5. Offer her a shoulder to cry on

That taunt from your nosy neighbour may seem non-consequential to you, but your wife may have taken it to heart. Hear out your wife, no matter how silly her problems may seem to you. Not only will a vent and a good cry make her feel instantly better, she will also come to consider you as her confidant. Just remember to listen to her without offering any solutions. When a woman mentions her problems to you, she is only looking for a channel to vent. Unless she specifically asks you for help and advice, she is not looking for solutions to her problems, so don't feel that you are obliged to.


Prada | 6 years ago | Reply Marriages are great until the first child is born. It is all downhill from there. After that you spend your entire life providing from ungrateful children.
MalikSaabSays | 6 years ago | Reply If one were a real muslim or a real christian or a real jew then you'd be taking these steps anyway...
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