First LNG shipment from Qatar arrives at Port Qasim

Another vessel is expected to reach at the end of this month

Web Desk March 26, 2015
Another vessel is expected to reach at the end of this month. PHOTO: AFP

KARACHI: The first vessel carrying 65 tonnes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) imported from Qatar arrived at the Port Qasim LNG terminal in Karachi on Thursday, Radio Pakistan reported.

Port Qasim authorities informed that the vessel reached at the channel in port, and is being docked.

Another vessel is expected to reach at the end of this month, authorities added.

The need to import LNG is a result of the relatively higher cost of power generation through furnace oil and diesel fuel.

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Regarding the import of LNG and its price, Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in the National Assembly on Thursday said credit goes to the federal government that LNG import has been made possible, adding that the government is responsible for providing relief to consumers.

He said terms and conditions for the sale and purchase of LNG, including its price, were being negotiated with Qatargas.


Virkaul | 6 years ago | Reply ET: Good to see that you have modified the entire report and removed the anomaly of quantity carried by FSRU and its full capacity. But where are my comments? Why reporters don't make efforts to get to the truth? Cost of LNG reported in your papers was stated to be $ 9 per MM BTU. Will you please confirm if this consignment of 65,000 MT costs $ 27 million? It is ok to make amends to faulty reports but please acknowledge.
Asad Khan | 6 years ago | Reply @Syed Ahmed:
Message to Pakistan government from people of Pakistan. DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN YEMEN. We dont support any action there. Nawaz Sharif you are the NAUKER of Saudis. No, I am not Shia, I am sunni and I dont want this to become sunni shia thing, we are all brothers, only our enemies in India and other places will feel happy. Saudis are most corrupt, along with Qataris and others, it will be good if these corrupt royals are overthrown and replaced by the people. We the people of Pakistan only support the people of Arab countries, not the dictators.
Bro, are you okay? or you have skipped your medics? What this Qatari LNG Shipment has to do with Yemen? for you information Yemeni Government has asked for help from GCC. Are you implying that we (if asked) should not help a legitimate government instead watch Yahuti rebels (not very different from their cousins AQ/Talib etc) taken over the entire country? I can understand that you or any other can dislike Saudi or any government for that matter but loosing the rationality altogether shows that problem is in you. regards,
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