Female TV host shuts down scholar after he says it’s beneath him to be interviewed by a woman

London-based scholar feels inferior while being interviewed by a female journalist

Web Desk March 08, 2015

Lebanese TV  host Rima Karaki strong-armed her guest on the show on Memri TV after he told her it was beneath him  to be interviewed a woman, Inquisitr reported. 

London-based Muslim scholar Hani Al Seba’I was invited on the show to discuss the increasing numbers of Christians joining ISIS but the discussion was diverted after he made sexist remarks about the host.



The discussion heated as Karaki tried to cut in while he was taking the show off-topic. Instead of answering directly, Hani asked the presenter to keep quiet so he could explain himself. "Shut up, so I can talk. I am talking so that people can understand…," he said.

Karaki replied saying, "how can a respected sheik like yourself can tell a TV show host to shut up?" That's when Hani lost it and hit back saying, "it’s beneath me to be interviewed by you. You are a woman."



This angered Karaki, who then took control of the show by getting Hani's transmission disconnected.



People from all over the world have appreciated the Lebanese journalists' efforts and have shown her support by tweeting to her.



Omer | 9 years ago | Reply ET seriously grow up and report things exactly the way they are. Firstly the scholar had not finished his sentence when he said that but the way it has been reported here it suggests as if he had finished his sentence. To me it seemed like he was trying to say something specifically in relation to the tv host not women generally. Secondly, when the tv host asked him as to how can a scholar like him ask someone to shut up his response was not as has been reported in this story (that he considered it beneath him to be interviewed and all that) but what he infact said in response to that was that he is respected does not matter of what she thinks of him. She then told her crew to wrap up the show and that is when he had said that he considers it beneath him to be interviewed .... I think ET has not reported this story correctly. Please publish this if you guys really believe in freedom of expression.
AA | 9 years ago | Reply @A: Oh really? Please send me some links...
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