Sana Sarfaraz: Cruising through the fashion world

Published: March 7, 2015
Sarfaraz says she used to feel nervous walking the ramp, but overcame that feeling eventually. PHOTO COURTESY: AZFER ZAIDI

Sarfaraz says she used to feel nervous walking the ramp, but overcame that feeling eventually. PHOTO COURTESY: AZFER ZAIDI


Kickstarting her career at the age of 15, Sana Sarfaraz is currently the face of multiple noted brands. Having come a long way, she is among the new host of models who have proved their mettle, ramp walk after ramp walk. As Sarfaraz continues to broaden her horizons, The Express Tribune takes a look at how she has become a model of elegance in the fashion industry.

Recounting her fashion tale, she says, “One day, I was at Shayanne Malik’s boutique window-shopping and she happened to be looking for a new face for her shows.” Next thing she knew, she was offered a modelling gig for Malik’s ‘VIP Cultural Shows’. “Initially, I was working for Shayanne Malik only. Then, after doing a few fashion shows for her, I had to discontinue because of my education,” she shares.

Sarfaraz graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Sciences, specialising in Advertising. “I started modelling again after completing my degree, but this time, very professionally,” she says about her return to modelling full-time in 2012. She doesn’t shy away from sharing harsh experiences. “Some people never encouraged me and they still don’t, but I have always been very professional and straightforward,” she states.

She further reveals, “I was never into forcing people to give me projects or working for a particular lobby and involving myself into a casting-couch situation, which is why most people didn’t feel comfortable working with me. They always gave preference to people who behaved like them.” Sarfaraz credits her well-wishers with the status she has achieved today. “There were a host of people who were supportive of my work and I am grateful to them for that.”

Disclosing her difficulties on the ramp, Sarfaraz says, “I used to feel very nervous in the beginning; however, I overcame that feeling gradually and now I feel ultra comfortable on the ramp.” She divulges, “It gets difficult to manage extremely heavy outfits that are not made to suit your measurements and the 10:00am-to-1:00am  routine gets really hard to cope with, but I’m getting used to it.”

Of her preference for working with Karachi- or Lahori-based models, she says, “I like working with both. I mind my own business and try to keep my personal preferences on the side when I’m at work.” She adds, “We have a few good models in Karachi and a few good ones in Lahore. They all are doing well in their own way —  they all have their own unique brand identity and name.”

Deeply focused on work, the rising star doesn’t perceive her contemporaries as rivals.  “I try to make everyone feel comfortable in my vicinity whether they belong to Karachi, Lahore or any other city or country. When someone tries to tick me off intentionally, I just maintain my distance to avoid conflicts,” she shares.

Sarfaraz unravels her future prospects, saying, “I’ll continue modelling but not impulsively. I’ll pick and choose the best projects and work when I feel like.” She confesses, “Modelling is something that happened by chance and worked out well for me, but I do it because it’s easy money and a good source of entertainment. it’s not something I’m passionate about.”

Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s degree in advertising from Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST). “I want to utilise my degree by setting up my own small business. I want to contribute towards society and that’s something I have always been passionate about,” she states. “I believe that in the next five years you’ll see me as a part-time model and actor, and a full-time entrepreneur and philanthropist, hopefully,” concludes Sarfaraz.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 8th, 2015.

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