What colour is this dress that broke the internet?

The internet is having a meltdown

Web Desk February 27, 2015
The internet is having a meltdown. PHOTO: HINDUSTAN TIMES

The image of a certain dress went viral on social media and sparked an intense debate between everyone who has seen the dress. While some look at the dress and say that it is blue and black, others are adamant that the dress is white and gold, Hindustan Times reported. 

“I still can’t believe how it changed colours right in front of my eyes," an employee at the hindustan times said.  “I am freaking out,” he added, running around the office.

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The image was originally posted on Tumblr by 'Swiked' in which readers were asked to identify the hues in the dress.



While some argue that the dress is blue in black, those on the other side of the debate say it is white and gold. Adobe Photoshop's eyedropper tool on the other hand says it is blue and black.

Many theories have come about in an attempt to provide an explanation for the differences in colour but most have theorised that the cones and rods in our eyes cause some people to see it as blue and black while others will see white and gold.

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The dress- which is advertised as blue and black- can be found on Amazon and is listed as "royal blue". With all the disagreements surrounding the colours, some have lost friends over this dress.

"This dress made me lose all of my friends and now I am so lonely," said one review on Amazon after the dress was purchased.



The disagreement continued across social media and many took to Twitter to participate in the debate and tell others what colour they believed the dress to be. Celebrities too joined the debate and took to their Twitter accounts.






The whole dress colour controversy has raised some critical questions on social media:






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There is however a scientific explanation behind why some see the dress as blue and black while others see it as white and gold.



Following the debate, the seller of the dress British clothing retailer Roman Originals has announced their decision to make the dress in white and gold, according to The Independent.

"We are thinking about making a gold and white version," Ian Johnson, Roman Original's Creative Manager, told Mashable.

"We already do it in other colours. We could do it quickly, but it has to go through quality assurance."

The dress has sold out in all its colours and sizes, but Johnson said that while they make the white and gold version they are stocking 300 more new pieces of each combination.


And here's our final verdict on the dress debate:



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