Military courts not the desire of the army: army chief

Gen Raheel says consensus reached during the first APC must endure

Web Desk January 02, 2015
Express News screengrab of Army chief General Raheel Sharif at the All Parties Conference.

ISLAMABAD: Army chief General Raheel Sharif on Friday said the establishment of special courts [is] not the desire of the army, but need of extraordinary times.

An All Parties Conference on the National Action Plan is currently underway where Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called for the finalisation of the draft legislation and also urged the bill to be tabled in the National Assembly today.

"Today's session will determine the destiny of our nation," the ISPR spokesperson quoted the army chief as saying.

"Consensus reached during the first APC must endure, and we need to make quantum decisions," he said.

Gen Raheel further added that Pakistan has reached a critical stage in its campaign against terrorism.

"We will win decisively," he said.


Noureen | 9 years ago | Reply

People of Pakistan are fed up with this perpetual threat and want and demand that those who terrorize us are finally destroyed using whatever authority and whatever power that has to be used. We have a civilian set up and so called democratic dispensation with all the paraphernalia that goes with it (judiciary, pArliaments, opposition parties etc. Etc.) Who have consistently and uniformly failed to provide security and protection to us the citizens, now time has come that our military comes forward and plays its role according to the oath they have taken to defend us and our country from any threats and any aggressions whether external or indigenous. We demand that our military leadership must fulfill their duties, even if it means sacrificing the existing system the whole lot of it. We are at war and all is fair and justifiable right now.

Asif | 9 years ago | Reply

@Azi: I am from Pakistan and I agree with Chandran, you don't need to twist things look at objectively.

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