Man arrested for alleged rape of 10-year-old girl

Published: November 25, 2010
Medical check up confirms victim was assaulted

Medical check up confirms victim was assaulted

SUKKUR: The Rohri police arrested a man on Wednesday after he was accused of raping a 10-year-old girl near Mando Dero.

S had accompanied her aunt and uncle to the cotton fields belonging to landlord Zulfiqar Bhutto on Tuesday afternoon. When she returned to her makeshift house to get lunch she was allegedly assaulted by the caretaker, K. S lost consciousness and he managed to escape.

S’s uncle took her to Dubbar police station and, after receiving a letter, he rushed her to the taluka hospital. Dubbar police registered a case against K on the complaint of her uncle and arrested him, confirmed the SHO.

At the hospital, S’s aunt L told The Express Tribune that K lived in their neighbourhood of Alipur in Muzaffargarh district. He brought the family to Rohri to pick cotton at the fields and we have been working there ever since, she said. The family was living in a makeshift house that was provided by the landlord.

L explained that she would prepare the meals and the family would have lunch around the same time every day. On Tuesday, she had sent S to get their lunch from the house but when she did not return after an hour, they became worried. They went looking for her and saw her lying on the ground unconscious. S told us all about what happened when she regained consciousness at the police station, L said.

S narrated that the accused was already present in the house and had grabbed her as soon as she came. She shouted for help but no one could hear her and later she fainted.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Dr Abdul Aziz Abbasi said that the girl was brought in to the hospital late at night. Her medical check-up was carried out by a female doctor, Shahjehan, who confirmed that S was sexually assaulted.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 25th, 2010.

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Reader Comments (5)

  • Rizwan T Khan
    Nov 25, 2010 - 10:09AM

    Please hang the culprit till death in the middle of the city in front of the whole nation so no other desperado dares to even think of this Jupiter-size Sin and our pretty little princes live a safe life.Recommend

  • G.Khan
    Nov 25, 2010 - 12:01PM

    Behead him in Public so that Future rapist can see their own future loud and clear. Immediate death penalty right now!!!Recommend

  • nasir chachar
    Nov 25, 2010 - 1:00PM

    in our society our ppl don’t recognise paedophilia as a crime,our men consider 9 year old girls as valid for sleeping with,in this they’re helped by our religous scholars who justify paedophilia in the name of religion.
    we have several cases of parents willingly marrying off their teenage daughters to depraved 25 or 30 year old men who don’t recognise paedophilia as a crime.Recommend

  • Nadeem Zafar
    Nov 25, 2010 - 3:42PM

    The first two comments on this story give us a very good idea of our mentality, and the emotional imbalance that has come to stay in our society. This piece of news is enough evidence for the two fellows..and they have already decreed death by hanging. Btw, what happened to Islamic guidance of seeking four eye-witnesses to prove a rape? Recommend

  • Buspur
    Nov 26, 2010 - 3:05AM

    rape, robbery, loot & plunder, murder and embezzlement are few of the major components of our national identity and we call ourselves a ‘proud nation’ kudos! LONG LIVE PAKISTAN (truly said because we will destroy the whole world with these characters and logically be the last to die) Recommend

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