Indian criticism: Pakistan’s head coach skips press conference

Indian media raised objection when some Pakistan players removed their T-shirts

News Desk December 14, 2014

After Pakistan’s historic victory in a hockey match, Indian media raised a hullaballoo and the pointed questions of Indian journalists compelled the Pakistan team’s head coach Shahnaz Shaikh to boycott a post-match press conference.

Later, talking to private TV channels, Shaikh said Indian media was unnecessarily trying to create a controversy. “The behaviour of Indian media is beyond comprehension,” he said, adding that the media used extremely inappropriate language and raised objection to the way Pakistani players celebrated their victory.

“After the match our players danced ‘Bhangra’ which is our tradition,” he said.

The Pakistan Captain Muhammad Imran said after the match Indian viewers reacted as if India had lost a war. “They threw bottles at us and shouted slogans but we celebrated our victory which is our right,” he said.

“Even the Indian team did not congratulate us on our victory,” he said, adding that India should not organise such events on its soil if it cannot bear to face defeat.

It must be noted that Indian media raised objection when some Pakistan players removed their T-shirts after the victory.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 14th, 2014.


t Awan | 7 years ago | Reply

It was Shehnaz's fault he should not have offered apology as Indian volley boll team after wining gold in saarc games Islamabad also celebrated by removing shirts and and dancing in the court at that point where was Indian media tit for tat.i remember Indian player showing middle finger to Pak crowds in malaysia sultan azlan shah cup 2years ago on live india players and media need to judge themselves first before complaining. well said by captain if you do not have the courage to face defeats do not host any further matches in the India.

Faizaan | 7 years ago | Reply

Taking Shirt off to celebrate i have no issues, as Suarave gangooly also did at lords. This is for Indian friends here. However showing finger to the crowd was in appropriate as PAK players should have acted with maturity.

Also the loose bad behaviour, bad language, throwing bottles in the ground by not individual but by masses (crowd) of India shows how big a loosers they are not even in any sports ground but also in general in their daily lives..

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