TTP leader Mullah Fazlullah escapes US drone strike near Pak-Afghan border

Five others were reportedly killed in the strike that took place last night near the Durrand line

Jamshed Baghwan November 25, 2014

PESHAWAR: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Mullah Fazlullah narrowly escaped a US drone strike near the Durand Line on Monday.

A senior security official from Fata, while talking to The Express Tribune, said it was confirmed that Fazlullah was present in the Nizyan area of the Ningarhar province of Afghanistan on the Durand Line.

He said the TTP leader escaped the drone strike. However, five others were killed in the strike reportedly near near the zero-line between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The official said they are trying to collect further details of the strike and prepare a report with the help of Afghan security officials.

Further, he said it could not be confirmed where Fazlullah had been moved after the strike took place.


moin | 8 years ago | Reply

Well..before the failed "US" attempt his whereabouts were known to some extent and now "it could not be confirmed where Fazlullah had been moved after the strike took place". So much was going wrong for some only a few days ago and now the whole nation is distracted & mourning. I know I sound negative and I pray to Allah that I am wrong, but at the same time I pray that out nation could not be taken advantage of their emotions any more. Amen. News of hangings really gave releif to many but at the same time question is why did it take them so long to do it? 70,000 lives late??

LA | 8 years ago | Reply

DONT DRONE ATTACK HIM. CAPTURE AND PUNISH. Let his other followers learn lesson. When he is killed in drone strike somebody new will be appointed by the TTP shura. BACK TO SQUARE ONE ?

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