Security forces launch operation in Swat

Express April 20, 2010


Security forces launched a search operation in Swat after the head of a peace jirga and two of its members were murdered in the area on Monday.

The area was put under curfew until the completion of the operation. Security forces performed house to house search operations in the Koza Bandai Village.

400 suspected militants had been arrested from different areas of Mingora till Tuesday morning.


Arman Khan | 13 years ago | Reply The two members of the peace Jirga in Kuza bandai as well as In Derai village were killed infront of securuty forces. After the murder of the members of peace jirga people were rushed to call the securty forces for help in Dera and Kuza bandai but they did not come in time and the killers were disappeared in the presence of security forces. The people of the area are worried about the situation.
Naseem Akhtar | 13 years ago | Reply In the current socio-politico and security turmoil of the country, start of another operation appears nothing to the general public. But as for as the elite is concerned, they might get some political advantage to show people that they are very much concerned about the safety and security of people. Pakistan, being multi-ethnic, could not afford time and again targeting on one ethnic group. This targeting of operations has caused deterioration of law and order situation and downsizing of economy. People of Pakistan in general and of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa in particular have become sick of these operation which are accacerbating their lives. The need of hour is to adopt dialogue and rapid start of developmental activies, explore the potential of the country and its people and utilize them for the uplift of the country. Doing operations again and again is not a sole solution.
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