Work up a storm, celebrity style

News Desk April 19, 2010

KARACHI: Bipasha Basu has released Love Yourself, a fitness DVD aimed to help users be fit and happy with their self-image.

The Indian actor and model is considered one of the most fit, toned and glamorous actors in Bollywood. It was inevitable that Basu would capitalise on it. She recently released her own workout DVD which she has devised along with fitness expert Deanne Pandey.

The DVD consists of a 60-day workout for fitness and weight loss which is based on Basu’s definition of being fit; “In my dictionary, fit doesn’t mean being pencil thin. It’s about being happy with your self-image.” Basu is not the first, nor will she be the last, celebrity to share tips on how to look good with fans. Actor Shilpa Shetty - who Karan Johar says has the best body in Bollywood - released Shilpa’s Yoga in early 2008 where she revealed her secrets on how to have a toned and lean body while retaining her feminine curves. While other celebrities have not made a video of their fitness regime they have shared tips with their fans.

Ali Zafar, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan have millions of fans and are promoting a healthy lifestyle in different ways. Ali Zafar wrote on Twitter that he believes it is important to be fit and healthy; “I do keep a strict diet routine, work out and keep stress free and in love. Not a vegetarian but I do think that meat should not be taken regularly.I take it to fill in for the protein. I am a fish fan. Drink lots of water.” Hrithik Roshan has many workout tips to share, “High reps low weight.

Cardio, diet and you should see results. If not - try harder! Whether to lose weight or gain muscle - get good sleep. Days when you just cannot get yourself to work out, you are free not to. But get yourself to the gym first and decide there!” For exercise he suggested,“Run/walk (flat and incline) alternating every minute for 15 minutes.

My target is 700 calories per workout. Don’t forget legs - large muscle - promote testosterone which helps increase overall muscle mass.” Roshan also stressed the importance of consistency and advised fans to keep changing their work out and try something different everyday and “Every time you get tired, do one more last set.” Actor Salman Khan gave an alternative to those who do not like being indoors-cycling! The star participated in a Mumbai cycle race and was spotted cycling in Mumbai several times.

If you want a size-zero figure like Kareena Kapoor then lentils, vegetables and nuts will make up the bulk of your diet. Kapoor also has a strenuous yoga routine and recently launched a “vegetable bag” in Mumbai to promote the concept. The star wrote in her column for India’s Mid Day newspaper, “The idea is to spread awareness that one should buy fresh vegetables every day.”


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