Afghanistan summons Pakistani envoy over Punjabi Taliban leader’s remarks

Punjabi Taliban leader announced to renounce violence in Pakistan, adding fighting will be focused on Afghanistan

Tahir Khan September 15, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Afghanistan has summoned a senior Pakistani diplomat over remarks made by the Punjabi Taliban leader, in which the leader stated that his group has stopped militancy in Pakistan, but will continue its operations in Afghanistan, the Afghan Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

Punjabi Taliban leader Asmatullah Muaweya, in a video message, announced to renounce violence in Pakistan, adding the focus on fighting will now be on Afghanistan. He also said his group will focus on preaching in Pakistan.

“Pakistani Charge d’Affaires Syed Muazzam Shah was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Sunday, and a strong protest was lodged over the declaration of war made by the Punjabi Taliban on the Afghan side of the Durand Line,” a Ministry’s statement said. The Dari-language statement was also emailed to The Express Tribune.

Abdul Samad Samad, head of political affairs in the Afghan foreign ministry, condemned the threats made by Muaweya, and described his remarks as “clear conspiracies against the stability and security of Afghanistan.”

“Such statements are against international laws and principles of good neighbourly relations,” the statement quoted the Afghan official as telling the Pakistani envoy.

He said that many “Pakistani militants were killed or arrested” during recent clashes in various parts of the country.

Samad said the use of terrorism as a political tool is not in the interest of any nation, adding that the announcement by the Punjabi Taliban leader could increase the “killing of innocent people in Afghanistan.”

“The Pakistani charge d’affaires promised to convey the concerns of the Afghan government to the concerned Pakistani officials,” the Afghan Foreign Ministry said.



UK | 9 years ago | Reply

I love stepping on Indian tails.

@Ajeet "Afghans have always ruled over Pakistan."

Yes you are right. What is Pakistan today was part of Afghanistan for most of the history, and was ruled by Afghan kings. Would you now STOP! saying that Pakistan was historically India?

Majority of what is Pakistan today, was historically Afghan territory, British took it from Afghan empire and when leaving, gave people a choice to VOTE and decide what they want. Ghaffar Khan's party campaigned against Pakistan and lost the vote. I respect him for his peaceful struggle, respecting people's choice and accepting defeat in the vote. His descends now participate in Pakistan elections and have given up their demand. Today, no one in Pakistan wants to join Afghanistan.

@sandip Your comment is not worthy of a response.


Might is Right is an "unfortunate" reality. I never favoured it or called it "my" logic. Just mentioned an obvious trend in our "non perfect" world.

US being more powerful has already invaded more than 100 times all over the world in last century and also interferes in Pakistan's affairs regularly. Once again an unfortunate reality, but not a logical or good practice.

To give you a prospective, here are some wrongs done by Afghanistan when it was mightier.

1) Afghanistan initially refused to accept Pakistan as a country claiming a large chunk of its territory.

2) Soon after, it supported Pashtoonistan nationalists (and now Baluch separatists).

3) First PM of Pakistan was assassinated by an Afghan National, hailed as a hero amongst nationalist Afghans.

4) Refusal to accept the common border (till date)

5) Support for high jackers of Pakistani planes.

6) Military incursions in 50s and threats in 70s.

What Pakistan is doing in Afghanistan today is wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right. So Pakistan and Afghanistan should forget the past and move forward is my Logic.

I hope you understand, that merely stating some "facts" and presenting some prospective into Pakistan's "flawed" policy towards Afghanistan in today's date, does not automatically make it "my" logic.

Afee | 9 years ago | Reply

@afghan: They do, and the proof is this very comment is not made by a Pakistani on an Indian issue!! Pakistanis hardly even read what the Indian media publishing on Indian international affairs. It is Indians who spend more time nosing around every news that concerns Pakistan than vise versa. You can now restate yourself for who needs to mind their own business??

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