Foreign Office refutes India's claims of arresting Pakistani spy

Foreign office spokesperson says story may be the recycling of a month old report

Web Desk September 11, 2014
Foreign Office refutes India's claims of arresting Pakistani spy

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam has denied media reports of a Sri Lankan national being arrested on charges of allegedly spying for Pakistan. 

“This may be the recycling of a month old report claiming that some Sri Lankans were being used by Pakistani agencies to spy and to incite terrorism inside India,” said the spokesperson  during her weekly press briefing on Thursday.

“You must have seen a statement that came from Sri Lanka that no such thing ever happened. I would put this report in the same category,” the foreign office spokesperson added.

According to a statement issued by India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA), Arun Selvarajan, a Sri Lankan National, was arrested on September 10, by the agency for his involvement in the Thameem Ansari case.

Addressing the issue of floods that have killed at least 257 people and affected 1.1 million in Punjab and Azad Kashmir, Aslam said an appeal for foreign assistance has not been launched yet.

However, she added, the country's foreign missions have been asked to open an account - the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2014.

"These accounts would be accepting funds from Pakistanis and international sources,” she added.

Further, the foreign office spokesperson stressed the importance of dialogue between Pakistan and India on water disputes.

"Yes, water issues are very important, needing discussions between Pakistan and India. We have the Indus Waters Treaty according to which water is distributed between the two countries. As the lower riparian, we have certain rights," she said.

Commenting on the exchange of letters between PM Nawaz and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, Aslam said, “Prime Minister in his response to the Indian Prime minister’s letter underlined the need for cooperation in not only facing the natural calamities, but also the underlying issues that impact our climate and environment."

She reiterated Pakistan’s continued commitment to fight militants: "Pakistan is fighting against terrorism in all its manifestations and our armed forces have been taking action against this menace without any discrimination."

Referring to reports about a Pakistani Golf team rescued by the Indian Army in Srinagar, Aslam said, “We first came to know about the Golfers when they contacted the High Commission in New Delhi that they were stranded.”

“They are still there and are safe. They are in contact with our High Commission and will be evacuated as soon as the means of transportation are available,” she added.

Account opened for receiving flood donations

The Foreign Office spokesperson, while maintaining that no specific appeal had been launched for international assistance for the floods, missions abroad had been asked to open accounts.

The accounts, called Prime Minister Flood Relief Fund 2014, will receive funds from Pakistanis abroad and other international sources.


AVPMPolpot | 9 years ago | Reply

@It's (still) Economy Stupid: " On farewell party day it will be mentioned that during her tenure Ms. Tasnim Aslam said words no evidence 10,000 times." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ And she will be awarded the Medal of Denials.

Syed Jalal Kashmiri | 9 years ago | Reply

Good response. I am praying for Pakistan always. Asking duas for Kashmiris under Indian occupation.

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