TTP claim responsibility for Karachi Naval Dockyard attack

Militant group claims it had support from inside the naval force to carry out attack

Afp/our Correspondent September 09, 2014

KARACHI: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Tuesday claimed responsibility for an attack on the Naval Dockyard in Karachi which reportedly left an officer and two insurgents dead.

An officer and six sailors were also wounded in the attack that took place early Saturday on the high security facility, a navy spokesperson said, adding that four attackers had been captured alive.

After interrogating the suspects, the navy said in a statement that intelligence agencies had carried out raids to arrest suspected collaborators and accomplices and had recovered "a large quantity of arms and ammunition".

The TTP claimed they had inside help for the attack. "We had support from inside the naval force. This operation was successful because of this support. We will continue targeting security forces like this in future also," TTP spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid said, while speaking to the media from an undisclosed location.

The TTP have threatened a bloody response to Zarb-e-Azb operation in North Waziristan which was launched in mid-June shortly after a brazen attack on Karachi airport that left dozens dead.


Mirza | 8 years ago | Reply

Let us continue to sweep all defense failures under the rug. With the kind of monies we waste on armed forces and their lifetime perks they cannot even protect the GHQ, Naval bases and the latest planes. How can they protect the country?

Vikram | 8 years ago | Reply

@Had enough: This is what I saw in tribune today. "In the 2009 GHQ assault, the army had detained Brigadier Ali .......Similarly, defense officials had informed a parliamentary committee in June 2011 that insiders were involved in the PNS Mehran base siege in Karachi. Subsequently, three navy officers were court marshaled and sentenced. Moreover, three low-ranking officers of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) were arrested in connection with the August 16, 2012 Taliban attack on the PAF airbase Minhas at Kamra."

It is time Pakis open their eyes and see the truth. Muslims behead and blow up other Muslims every day. Islamic caliphate followers are doing a good job. Pakis should feel proud even Western converts have become suicide bombers and are slaughtering people in the name of Islam.

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