Key life events affect fashion picks

In a survey, 53 per cent women stated that a major event in their life would lead them to a makeover.

Ians August 16, 2014


Life’s major milestones can impact fashion choices, reveals a new survey conducted on British women.

The research, by fashion retailer Kaleidoscope, has revealed that British women are basing their fashion choices on key events in their lives, such as their 50th birthday, getting divorced or the marriage of one of their children.

As many as 53 per cent of the respondents stated that a major event in their life would lead them to a makeover, with a whopping 84 per cent of them highlighting that they would even go to the extent of spending £250 for a transformation.

An overwhelming 86 per cent of those surveyed shared that a makeover following a memorable event gave them a confidence boost.

While a majority of women surveyed stated that a wardrobe makeover was the best method, it seems hair is also considered an important factor when marking a new chapter in life  — with 31 per cent emphasising that a new haircut or colour would be the most important element of their transformation.

“Style is such a crucial element of personal identity so it isn’t surprising to hear that an important milestone such as a special birthday or break up of a relationship would cause someone to rethink their wardrobe, and invest in a change of image to boost their confidence,” said Helen North, head of marketing, Kaleidoscope. 

Published in The Express Tribune, August 17th, 2014.

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