Family kills two robbers in ‘self-defence’

Man's son assaulted with a pistol butt, wife also struck by one of the robbers with an axe.

Rana Saeem November 10, 2010

FAISALABAD: Two of the four robbers, who broke into a house in a Samundari village on Tuesday morning, were killed by the family. The other two successfully fled from the scene.

The robbers were identified as Liaqat Ali and Sajjad. Sajjad died on the spot, after a crowd that had gathered around Abdul Ghafoor’s house beat up the two with sticks. Ali, severely injured, was taken to the Civil Hospital in Samundari where he passed away.

The Saddar police officials told The Express Tribune that before dying Ali told them that they were informed about Abdul Ghafoor’s house by his neighbour, Hanif.

The Saddar police have taken Hanif under custody and are investigating him.

Ghafoor’s wife and son also were injured in the clash with the robbers. He said he was sleeping in his courtyard when the robbers jumped over the boundary wall to break into the house. He said that the robbers assaulted him and his son. “They tried to fire at us but the bullet got stuck inside the chamber. One of them started hitting Illyas with the pistol butt,” he said. He said that his wife, meanwhile, woke up and started shouting to attract the attention of the neighbours. He added that she was struck by one of the robbers with an axe.

As the neighbours gathered, Ghafoor said, two robbers succeeded in escaping while they got hold of the other two. He said that they beat them up with sticks.

The Saddar police said that Ali told them that his father’s name was Muhammad Siddiq. “He said that he was a resident of Pakka Qilla Mor in Khanda area, Mangawala police station precinct in Nankana district,” they said. SSP Sadar Imran said that the police recovered a pistol, a cell phone and an identity card from the robbers. He said that the a team consisting of Samundari deputy superintendent of police Aijaz, Saddar police station house officer Waqar, and City police station house officer Bahar HussainBhatti had been deputed to arrest the other two robbers. He said that the team was making raids on the information extracted from Hanif.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 10th, 2010.


SA | 11 years ago | Reply @ Ahmed please get your facts straight before making any comment about the sialkot incident. The JIT reported the two boys in sialkot incident as "killers" of bilal, not robbers. And that report lacks forensic evidence. Even before that, once they were reported as innocent by the Judicial Commission Report. No one's crying over their death anymore, even though the facts have not yet been uncovered by our competent police!! The case is proceeding in Anti-Terrorist Court, the charges have been framed and the investigations and trial is underway. Nothing has yet been DECLARED by the courts yet. I hope that adds to your knowledge!!!!!
ahmed | 11 years ago | Reply After the Sialkot incident, the two "innocent" boys were later declared robbers by the court. Two boys had fired shots to escape killing two people in the process. . Lets hope that people don't go crazy all over again. As long as their is no effective justice provided to the people, we shouldn't cry over the deaths of these robbers who have a habit of shooting people to death for resisting mobile theft and raping women during dacoities.
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