Five reasons why you’re unable to lose weight

We share with you five common reasons why you are probably not losing weight the way you expected to

August 06, 2014

Ever wondered why you can’t get rid of stubborn fat despite rigorous workouts and diets? Perhaps, you’re missing critical points in your health regimen, which simple alterations in your lifestyle could remediate.

We share with you five common reasons why you are probably not losing weight the way you expected to, as compiled from

Making muscle instead of burning fat: Understanding the difference between ‘fat’ and ‘muscle’ is essential. Determining how much weight you’ve lost on a weighing scale is misleading, as workouts increase your mass and weight, but allow you to reduce size, while maintaining muscle weight.

Cheating on your diet: Maintaining a strict diet is key to losing weight. We all have uncontrollable cravings, but by allocating specific cheat days rather than occasional indulgence, you can get guaranteed results. It’s all about will power, which must always be in full gear.

Not performing a balanced workout: Most people seem to think that by performing cardio alone, they can achieve results. Your body needs a diverse workout and combination of stretching, resistance and cardio to effectively reduce fat.

Depriving yourself of solids: Performing a juice or smoothie cleanse is not the answer to weight loss. Initially, one can lose water and carb weight, but this is just temporary. It is imperative to keep your body nourished in order to lose weight.

Working out without company: Motivation is what keeps us all going, especially when trying to lose weight. Working out alone may be one of the things preventing you from shedding pounds. Finding a gym or workout buddy to encourage you is a significant part of the route to weight loss.

Compiled By: Daniya Sardar

Published in The Express Tribune, August 7th, 2014.

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