PML-N MPA was in contact with police as he evaded arrest, mobile data reveals

MPA Idrees had allegedly ransacked police station, tortured sub-Inspector and helped three people to escape.

Web Desk August 03, 2014

FAISALABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz MPA Rana Shoaib Idrees - accused of using violence against policemen - was in continuous contact with a sub-inspector when police were conducting raids for his arrest, mobile data revealed on Sunday.

Idrees had allegedly ransacked Khuarianwala police station, tortured Sub-Inspector Riyasat Ali, slashed uniforms of two policemen and helped three people to escape from custody.

Police had raided his residence among other places to take him into custody but he continued to evade arrest. Senior officers then decided to check the mobile data of all officers at Khuarianwala police station to establish if anyone was collaborating with him.

The data retrieved from the sup-inspector's phone showed that Idrees and the officer were in contact while police officers were conducting raids and also when the MPA and his accomplices had attacked the police station on July 19.

This is not the first instance where police have been involved in suspicious activities with regard to the PML-N MPA. Just yesterday, Khuarianwala police had said that Idrees’s case file had disappeared from police records.

Officials had said that the resulting delay would provide the MPA with time to secure pre-arrest bail. A case was registered against Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Umar Daraz, the custodian of the file, and Head Constable Ansar Mehmood and the men were taken into custody.