Eid to be celebrated in parts of K-P today

The decision was taken after 48 testimonies were received from different districts.

Web Desk/mureeb Mohmand July 27, 2014

SHABQADAR: Mufti Shahabudin Popalzai, chief cleric of Qasim Khan Mosque has announced that Eidul-Fitr will be celebrated in Peshawar and other areas of K-P on July 28, 2014, Express News reported early Monday.

He said a committee was convened in Qasim Khan Mosque after the evening prayers. The committee received 48 testimonies from different districts of K-P.

The cleric revealed that out of 48 testimonies, seven testimonies were received from Bannu, four from Karak and 22 from other districts.

Meanwhile, Central and regional Ruet-e-Hilal Committee will convene on Monday to sight the moon in other parts of Pakistan.

Mohmand agency, Shabqadar to celebrate Eid with Saudi Arabia

People in parts of Mohmand agency and Shabqadar will celebrate Eidul Fitr with Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Most of the mosque in Mohamand Agency’s head quarter Ghallanai, Safi and Khwaizai announced to observe Eid on Monday after Shawwal moon was sighted in Saudi Arabia on Sunday evening.

The areas where Eid will be observed includes upper sub division of Mohmand agency, Baizai sub division, some parts of lower sub division Ekka ghund, while tehsil Ekka Ghund Eid will observe Eid according to the decision of Peshawar’s Qasam Ali khan mosque.

Similarly, cleric from Brilvi and Ghair Muqalid sect in some part of tehsil Shabqadar including matta mughal khel, Khwajawas of charsadda also decided observe Eid with Saudi Arabia. People in some parts of Bajaur agency will also observe Eid with Saudi Arabia.


Kahna Kacha | 9 years ago | Reply


Very well written comment brother. Just need to add one more point to it.

Local moonsighting was IMPOSSIBLE in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

However Saudi government's official position is that, even if moon is not sighted in Saudi Arabia, and they get a shahadat of moon sighting from countries west of Saudi Arabia, before fajr time in Saudi Arabia, then they still count it as valid sighting. But if they get an indication after fajr time has started in Saudi Arabia, then they go for next day.

Sunset is at 7.05 pm in Jeddah and Fajr time starts at 4.20 am. That gives them 9 hours and 15 mins after their sunset to wait and see if someone has sighted moon in Europe, Africa and parts of North America.

But Pakistan is 2 hours ahead of Saudi Arabia, even if by same formula, it is possible that fajr has already started in Pakistan, but in Saudi Arabia they have 2 more hours to wait for a sighting. So if moon is sighted in that 2 hour window, Saudis will celebrate and Pakistan should not.

In this particular year, Saudis started fasting a day ahead (which again was not possible based on moonsighting), so they completed 30 days, they will celebrate Eid regardless of moonsighting.

Rashid | 9 years ago | Reply

Mufti Shahabuddin is correct, and the people of Punjab and Sindh, must not worry about it, because 85% of them don't have soam ( Roza ) and sallat (Namaz) moreover they are only the name muslim , and follow their old Hindo tradition.

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