Government unlikely to follow-up on UN report: Haroon

In an interview, Abdullah Haroon said the report gives a ‘very clean factual picture’ .

Express April 17, 2010

KARACHI: Pakistan's envoy to the United Nations, Abdullah Haroon said on Saturday that the incumbent government is unlikely to take steps to address the security failures detailed in a UN report on BB's assassination.

In an interview, Abdullah Haroon said the report gives a ‘very clean factual picture’  and contained no major errors. But he said that he saw very slim chances on the part of the government to take the findings to their conclusion.

He added that the UN report called for police reform measures; strong and effective intelligence services, and strengthening of democratic rule of law in Pakistan.


asad baig | 14 years ago | Reply They cant do anything about it. Its all talk and no work. The report was delayed in a clever manner in order to avoid clash with the 18th amendment hype. Now this report will be used to distract public even further. 5 million was spent on this report, money well needed and money soo wasted.
A common Pakistani | 14 years ago | Reply Not a surprise at all. The current government hasn't done anything that it promised to do. No proper steps to deal with the power shortage (yeah, getting commission in private power sector doesn't count) No security improvement in country. Look at rupee's value, the inflation was never seen this bad. I just ask president zardari, will just keep shouting Pakistan Khapey, while stabbing every pakistan in the back, one by one.?? He doesn't even have the moral integrity to come before the judges to clean up his swiss accounts mess .. yeah sure he got immunity, but seriuosly he thinks pakistanis are so dumb that he can use his powers and slap everyone int he face like that. Not a single chance he'll take any proper measure to find the murderers, i'm not even sure if its anyone else than the party people themselves.
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