Hundreds protest load-shedding in Lahore

Three people were injured when protesters attacked a car and Lesco office with sticks.

Web Desk July 23, 2014

LAHORE: Hundreds of demonstrators armed with sticks staged a protest against load-shedding outside the Lahore Electric Supply Corporation (Lesco) office in the Batapur area of the city, Express News reported on Wednesday.

According to reports, the protesters were facing around 16 hours of load-shedding on a daily basis.

The protest turned violent when demonstrators smashed the glass doors of the Lesco office and proceeded to break the windows of a car as well. Three of car's passengers were injured as a result of the violence.

Express News screengrab of the protesters in Lahore.

A few policemen attempted to snatch the sticks from the protesters, however, they failed to disarm them. More cops were later called in to control the angry mob.

Tyres were seen burning near the protesters, who were wielding sticks and chanting slogans.



Fareeha | 9 years ago | Reply It is this lack of decision making capacity which has led to further accumulation of losses and inefficiency in white elephants like PSM, PIA, CAA, EOBI, Railways, power distribution sector, FBR, NHA etc. The fact that PML-N inherited a collapsed infrastructure from its predecessor required them to take quick tough decisions, if economic recovery is to be achieved. Unless tax collection is increased, national debt will continue to pile, deficit will increase and this country cannot invest in development of human resources, which have shown a rapid deterioration in the past two decades and provided perfect environment for breeding terrorism. In sharp contrast Modi has embarked upon plans to change decadent bureaucratic setup that existed in the past 67 years to suit dynastic policies of Nehru family, under which institutionalised corruption had become a cancer. In just 30 days Modi has ordered building a fast track road with 50 posts along disputed China border and a $2 billion extension of Karwar Naval Base in Karnataka and radar stations in Andaman and Nicobar islands in Bay of Bengal. The Modi government has approved stalled decision to raise Narmada Dam height to 455 feet for more water storage, while approving free X-rays, CT scans and MRIs for the poor in all government hospitals.
PMLN UK | 9 years ago | Reply

All these protesters are wasting their time. PMLN is trying hard to resolve the electricity crisis. SS said he will resolve the issue in 6 months, as soon as the ministry is given to SS from Kh asif, we will see improvements (I mean SS six months start from when he is given the ministry).

This is no time to be agitating. If people are feeling too hot, then they can take a ride on the metro bus to cool down. They also have the canal to jump into.

Half our govt has gone to Saudi to pray for Pakistan...what else do you people want?

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