Nisar directs stringent security measures for Islamabad on Eid

IG ICT informs Nisar of search operations conducted on weekly basis to keep check on unlawful elements in suburbs.

Web Desk July 22, 2014
Nisar directs stringent security measures for Islamabad on Eid

ISLAMABAD: Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, interior minister while chairing a meeting for the heads of departments in the Ministry of Interior, in Islamabad today, directed the ICT administration and the police to take adequate  security measures in the last days of Ramazan - especially on the eve of Eidul Fitr.

Nisar directed the IG ICT to improve the checking of check-posts on sensitive roads such as the Margalla Road, Murree Road, the Kashmir Highway and also the Red Zone. He asked the IG ICT to form a committee consisting of police and civilian officers for the checking process.

In regard to the security of Islamabad, IG ICT informed the minister that rigorous search operations were being conducted on a weekly basis - especially to keep a check on unlawful elements in the suburbs of the city.

During the meeting, he said that he is committed to ensure the culture of honesty and hard work in all departments.

The meeting was attended by secretary interior, DG FIA, chairman Nadra, secretary narcotics, IG ICT, chief commissioner ICT, NC NACTA, DG immigration and passports, DG civil defence, DG national police bureau and DG national police foundation.

The minister, issuing directives to improve the administrative working of attached departments, urged all officials to commit themselves to uphold high standards in all levels of their decision making, as well as equal application of law.

He directed officers to strictly follow the rules of business while interacting with other ministries and foreigners.

Taking notice of the recent incident of human smuggling from the airport in Islamabad, the minister said that severe action would be taken against inefficient officials, or those unwilling to halt such illegal activities.

Various measures to check and deter such activities of illegal immigration in the future were also discussed in the meeting.

Nisar said lack of commitment, incompetence and dishonesty would not be tolerated in any governmental department.

Chairman Nadra, during the meeting, said that the household survey in seven out 21 sectors of Islamabad had been completed with the assistance of the Islamabad police. He added that registration in the rest of the sectors would be completed by the end of November.

The minister directed that data collected in the registration process should be analysed simultaneously in accordance to the security point of view. He also said that data collected from suburban residents must also be properly analysed, and that the periphery of Islamabad be properly secured.

On the Safe City Project, chairman Nadra said construction work on the project is being continued, adding that the project is expected to be completed in the stipulated time frame. The chairman said that Islamabad would be the first city in the country to be secured via technology. He said, in consultation with the police, sites for installing cameras have been finalised.

The minister directed officers to work beyond the call of their duty, and to keep delivering progress in terms of strict deadlines in view.


zog | 9 years ago | Reply

Make all the directions you want Minister - the police has become highly politicised and inefficient.

There need to be radical changes to enhance its effectiveness - no political interference, recruitment on basis of merit.

If you want to see a quick impact though, return 90% of police currently on VIP Duty - that may help ordinary Pakistanis a little.

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