Strike observed in Interior Sindh to protest arrival of IDPs

Alliance of Sindh Nationalist Parties express concern that influx of IDPs may jeopardise demographic balance of Sindh.

Web Desk July 22, 2014

HYDERABAD: A strike, called by an alliance of Sindh Nationalist Parties, was observed throughout interior Sindh today, to protest against incoming internally displaced persons (IDPs) from North Waziristan, Express News reported on Tuesday.

On July 20, Sindh Bachayo Committee, an alliance of Sindh Nationalist Parties, called for a wheel-jam strike across the province today.

The alliance expressed concern that the influx of IDPs may jeopardise the fragile demographic balance of Sindh and the displaced might permanently settle in the province.

Members of the alliance pointed out that during the Swat operation of 2009, many migrated to Sindh and never went back. They feared that along with innocent people, militants might also enter the province and destabilise the law and order situation of the province.

They further suggested that the government should have accommodated the IDPs near their hometowns.


mehran | 8 years ago | Reply

IDS Yes the idps are our brothers and sisters ,yes we should support them near their home town . they will be at ease with their own people with in their own culture and customs. they shouldn't move towards Sindh which is thousands miles away from their homeland. its logic that they should be temporarily settle near their own land until pak forces clean up the dirt from their home. we don't want that dirt should spread all over country in the name of poor ids in all over Pakistan ,then it will be difficult for our forces to clean Pakistan from the evil minded people. what is wrong fi idps settle near Peshawar and other towns of KPK province??????????? what's wrong if they settle in camps near Punjab border///??///?? why Sindh????????? definitely Sindh cant afford the burden of people all over the Pakistan ,it is not politically good decision as well because it will be hard to run a province as all militants will hide in Sindh in the name of idps. it s not logic that Pakistan is one country so every body should live in Sindh . if a father got four sons therefore all the children of other three sons live in the house one son , it doesn't work like that . every brother should have their own house and should accommodate his own children in his own house rather then relying on one. yes they can help each other but still live in their own house. Sindh should provide financial help for idps according to its share but not welcome them in Sindh . Pakistan zindabad on equality

Usman | 8 years ago | Reply

Criminal proceedings should immediately be initiated against these nationalists groups, wherever they spring up. They spread intolerance and bigotry. We've heard enough interviews from them in our English media, time for them to give an interview to the police. Thankless bigots.

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