Eat, pray, love: Feasting in the month of fasting

Eateries across the city draw a large number of customers with their special offers.

Our Correspondent July 21, 2014


With the month of fasting also comes the time to feast.

Not to be left behind, restaurant owners in the provincial capital have unleashed their arsenal of culinary deals, with both traditional and exotic cuisine.

Over the past few years, Peshawar has witnessed a surge in eateries such as Celeste, Maple House, Dewan Khan and Shiraz Ronaq while the time-honored lure of Namak Mandi has only gained more popularity, with its tikkah karhai receiving international acclaim. Peshawar was also the first place to embrace the Afghani Pulao, which has since become a quintessential part of the city’s culinary experience and is on the menu of every restaurant.

The city also boasts the finest variety of kebabs, which are chased down by the aromatic qehwa so widely consumed in the region.

While the restaurants have traditionally offered a blend of Indian and Central Asian cuisine, new eateries are expanding the gustatory horizons of the city. During Ramazan, the fervour for food reaches fever pitch.

Chef’s special

General Manager of Pearl Continental, Peshawar, Aamir Kazi said they are trying to infuse fresh life into their Iftar-dinners. He said dishes like mutton tikka and pulao are still the most popular, but pastas, pizzas and a range of desserts are also tantalizing taste buds.

The chow, however, comes at a considerable cost. Iftar-dinner costs Rs1,300 at PC’s Chinese restaurant while Pakistani food at its Khushal Hall will put you back by Rs1,740. The hotel’s Marco Polo restaurant also offers Sehri.

In University Town, Celeste restaurant and café has become one of the most popular eateries of the city. According to its Facebook page, it is offering an Iftar-dinner buffet with a host of dishes, 33 to be exact, for Rs999.

Shiraz Ronaq opened up recently near Cantonment Railway Station. With its spacious premises and gourmet meals, it boasts of a 55-item Iftar-dinner buffet for Rs1,386 per head.

The Shiraz on University Road is one of the oldest eateries in the city. It charges Rs1,189 for its 33-item Iftar-dinner. Usmania, on the other hand, offers a 22-item buffet for Rs950.

In addition to these, KFC and Pizza Hut are also drawing in large numbers of customers, especially the youth.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 22nd, 2014.