Judicial Commission challenged in Supreme Court

Express April 17, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The Judicial Commission proposed in the 18th amendment for the appointment of judges in the higher judiciary was challenged in the Supreme Court.

Senior Advocate Akram Sheikh filed the petition on behalf of Advocate Nadeem. The Supreme Court will see the petition and decide whether it is acceptable for trial or not.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court Bar Association has raised objections over the judicial commission and will be challenging it in the apex court.


Fakhar | 12 years ago | Reply Judiciary in its decisions is blatantaly biased towards present democratic government. Honarable PCO judges including the CJ Ifti khar Chahudhry should resign and a reference should be filed against them in Judicial Comm ission for subverting constitution of Pakistan by strengthening dictator Musharaf by validating his Executive Orders after 1999 coup.Supreme Court has been validating dictators and gave Musharaf unconstitutional powers to amend the constitution. Honarable CJ Iftikhar Chahudhry as a member of the bench in a petition against 17th amendment gave the judgement that Parliament is supreme to legislate and amend the constitution.How comes 18th amendment is not acceptable to the same honarable Judges because it takes away powers from CJ to appoint Judges and vests that powers with a Judicial Commission headed by CJ hinself and Parliamentary Committee to oversee.That procedure garuntees transparency in selection of the judges but that has irked MeLords who do not recognise constitutional immunity to the President as well as PM’s executive prerogative to appoint buraucrates to run his government smoothly. There are hundreds of officers both in military and civil buraucracies who are superceded due to number of reasons and does SC wants all of them to get promoted all senior officers demoted in civil and military buraucracy?In another judgement SC has ordered the removal of NAB officials and new appointments to replace them.And it needs no further comments on Judicial encroachment on the powers of the Executive.Is it Judicial Martial Law?Should Prime Minister, President and Parliament go on leave and handover their powers to Chief Judicial Martial Law Administrators who are bent upon destabilising democracy?
Fakhar | 12 years ago | Reply Non-elected and non-representative institutions are constantly undermining the elected and representative institutions of the country.One wonders why honorable judges are against a democratic government? Honarable judges are openly pursuing the Bangladesh model.But they are completly on a suicidal path as their conduct and judgements are endangering the democracy as well as independence of judiciary itself.Prime Minister Gillani should have not gone to farewell party of Justice Ramday and there should have been no bulk apointments of the judges in SC and High Courts before the passage of 18th amendment.All PCO judges should have been sent home no matter if they have become icon of independence of judiciary.After gate crashing into farewell party of the Ramday the PM not only appointed him on a contract for a year but also invited CJ to PM House and resolved the row over Justice Saqib and Justice Sharif of Lahore High Court. If one remembers the tv screens showing meeting between the PM and the CJ one thing was odd and arrogant on the part of the CJ as he was constantly rolloing the beads of his rosery while paying no heed to whatever the PM was saying.
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