MQM solidarity rally: Altaf calls on nation to unite in support of army

MQM chief salutes army, dedicates rally to fallen soldiers.

Web Desk/rabia Ali July 06, 2014

KARACHI: While addressing the Muttahida Qaumi Movement's solidarity rally in Karachi,  Altaf Hussain saluted the armed forces and said that the entire nation supports Pakistan Army, Express News reported on Sunday.

Dedicating this rally to the martyred soldiers, Hussain said that the soldiers are selflessly sacrificing their lives for the country. He further added that unity and harmony are imperative for the country.

Hussain added that army showed patience and stayed within the law and constitution, while giving militants a chance during the negotiations.

If militants want to impose sharia, they should act within the constitution. There are other religious parties as well, but they all express their views while remaining within the parametres of the Constitution, Altaf said, adding that militants should express their views and ideologies without using guns, sticks and violence.

The MQM chief also said that first, the terrorists should be eliminated, after which landlords and corrupt politicians should be eliminated.

Hussain had announced on June 28 that his party would hold a historic gathering to express solidarity with the armed forces who are currently fighting against militants in the ongoing Zarb-e-Azb operation in North Waziristan.

Members of other religious and political parties were invited to the gathering as well. Those in attendance included Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad and Pakistan People's Party (PPP) minister Rubina Qaimkhani.

Qaimkhani, while addressing the rally, said that the MQM provided a platform for other parties to come together and support the army. She further said that the PPP leadership had been victimised by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Rasheed added that it is important to win the hearts of the internally displaced persons otherwise the war would be lost.


mrs ahmed | 7 years ago | Reply

@Napier Mole: very true MQM should in ur words " demand the provision of a fully empowered metropolitan government for Karachi and for other cities in Sindh", remeber they gave baldiyati bill which was giving metropolitan status to larkana even , but what to do , wadera just did not buzz , MQM sholud now seriously take up the core issue of urban developement , equal opportunities in education , and jobs , for whole of sind , transport and health reforms , , they should now focus on local body elction and enpowerment with zeal and vigor , since money laundry and dr imran murder issue is now nearly over , this is most important for its voters , but at the same time we need to fully appreciate their liberalism and brave stance against extrimism and support to armed forces

Napier Mole | 7 years ago | Reply

@ Shariyar

@ mrs ahmed

I think mrs ahmed is missing the point. What you are saying is absolutely correct. This is the solution to Karachi's ills. The question that Shariyar is raising is why isnt this issue an article of faith for mqm. Every now and then we see mqm raise this issue, there is some fuss for few days and the issue dies down to be raised again (conveniently) at a later date. I agree with you that only mqm can get this done but it needs to show sincerity of purpose for this. If there is one issue which can justify closing down of the city for a day, 3 day or a week, it is this i.e. to demand the provision of a fully empowered metropolitan government for Karachi and for other cities in Sindh. Every thing else is an eyewash really. It is sad to see MQM moving from its core base of urban issues to all sorts of frivolities.

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