ECP directs political parties to submit asset details by August 29

Parties must submit details of their annual income and expenses, sources of their funds, and assets and liabilities.

Web Desk July 04, 2014

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has directed all political parties to submit details of their assets and liabilities latest by August 29, Express News reported on Friday.

“According to Article 13 of the Political Parties Order 2002, every political party shall submit to the Election Commission, within 60 days from the close of each financial year, a consolidated statement of accounts of the party, duly audited by a Chartered Accountant," a press release issued by the ECP said.

The parties must submit details of their annual income and expenses, sources of their funds, and assets and liabilities.

Under the law, a certificate signed by the party leader must accompany the statement of accounts stating that no funds from any source prohibited under the Political Parties Order, 2002, were received by the party.


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ishrat salim | 6 years ago | Reply

And the party goes on....many submits even after extension is given and yet not penalized for submitting late as per rule, so what democracy are we talking about....if we have dishonest lawmakers, will democratic system flourish ? These are small details ( like nuts and bolts in a vehicle ) which if a missed ( too many in our democratic set up ), will not move the system. That is why, our system gets bogged down and yet we are unable to point out the weakness...weakness is WE ARE NOT HONEST & DO NOT FOLLOW RULES & LAWS MADE BY OUR LAWMAKERS, so how does one expects us the common people to be honest & follow rules and laws ? We can go on screaming in favor of democracy, but in absence of honest lawmakers and providing education to the people, we will never be able to exercise our rights to distinguish from wrong....Talking of democracy, why till today for the past 6 years now no local govt election has taken place. Is this not a violation of the relevant constitutional clause ? Why no FREE education provided as per constitution ? why inter-party election is not taking place ? and the list is long. We are violating 44 articles and clauses of the constitution and yet people are screaming for a democratic system ? many law makers hold fake degree and yet stand for election against the spirit of article 62 & 63. Many law makers do not pay tax, again violating article 62 & 63 of the constitution, many law makers like always, will hide their actual earnings etc; again violating article 62 & 63 of the constitution.....These law makers represent us, so if they act with dishonesty, the whole world thinks Pakistanis are dishonest people, so what democracy we are talking about... Pls correct me if I am wrong....

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