Selfies daunting women on bad skin days

Nearly half the female population uses filters on their 'selfies' to help achieve a better skin tone.

Ians June 16, 2014
Nearly half the female population uses filters on their 'selfies' to help achieve a better skin tone. PHOTO: FILE

LONDON: Selfie trend has taken over social media and it somehow propels everyone to look photo-ready all of the time. But a latest research shows that 68 percent of women feel negative about photos of themselves that haven’t been enhanced by a photographic filter.

A research conducted by cosmetic giant Olay says that a majority of women confess to feeling exposed, under-confident and unattractive before a filter is applied, reports

Women say that the most important change a filter makes to a selfie is to hide flaws and wrinkles or that it helps achieve a better skin tone. So nearly half the female population now uses filters on their “Selfies” and this rises sharply to 67 percent among the girls aged under 25 years.

"The No-filter trend perfectly sums up this summer’s minimal make-up look. It’s about ‘come as you are’ informality and being the best possible version of yourself but without looking like you've tried,” said Florrie White, celebrity make-up artist.

White added: “That said, it does take time to achieve the illusion of effortless beauty and have the confidence to go filter free. For me, the all-important starting point is in prepping your skin.”

To help ensure you’re looking your best for your selfies, professional make-up artist, Sarah Jagger, reveals her top tips and make-up essentials so you can capture a flawless look whatever the occasion.

• Avoid heavy textured SPF creams beneath your makeup as they can create a 'flashback', making you look washed out.

• Using a mattifying makeup primer on the T-zone will eliminate sweaty looking shine in photos and keep your makeup on all day and night.

• Black mascara is more eye brightening than brown or coloured because it creates a contrast with the whites of your eyes.

• Keep eyebrows full - thin brows can age your look and appear too harsh in photos. A full brow will actually look a little thinner in your pic!

• Use a liquid illuminator in strategic places, a little on the cheekbones and down the centre of the nose makes skin look younger, cheekbones higher and nose straighter in photos.

• Lashes disappear in photos! Make them look longer with 'tight liner'-liquid liner applied under the upper lash line.

• Make lips look fuller by using a highlighter on the cupids bow and lipstick a shade paler than your lips.

• Shimmery bronzers can appear 'sweaty' in photos. Matte bronzers work better.


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