Claims of rigging in NA-68 false, discrepancy in count caused by typing error: ECP

Typing errors made by returning officers are not uncommon: Additional Secretary ECP Sher Afgan.

Web Desk May 21, 2014
Express News screengrab of Additional Secretary Election Commission Pakistan Sher Afgan.

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) said that rigging did not take place in the NA-68 constituency during the May 11 general elections last year and declared the discrepancy in the voter count to be a typing error, Express News reported.

While speaking to the media, Additional Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan Sher Afgan has said that typing errors made by returning officers are not uncommon.

"In previous elections there have also been typing errors, which the election commission fixed immediately, after which the contestant who is in the lead is notified," the additional secretary added.

He said it became necessary to look into the count due to the allegations of rigging.

The election commission had ordered an inquiry be made into the polling station 262, which then revealed that there were 1,537 registered voters out of which 779 voted for Nawaz Sharif.

However, because of a typing error, the result had been written as 7,889, Express News reported.

Afgan also stated that the seat had been declared as empty immediately after the elections and was included in the by-election. The results from the by-election did not show any anomaly.

ECP had said that no further action will be taken regarding this matter and that the documents will be made public soon.

Due to the considerable difference viewed in the numbers given by the presiding officer and the returning officer, the election commission had decided to hold a meeting tomorrow to verify whether this was a typing error or if rigging actually took place.


Deam | 7 years ago | Reply

I think it is easy to type 779 as compare to 7879...

Faiza | 7 years ago | Reply

PTI is busy in accusing and blame game. They will not be able to even 10 seats in next elections. They are least concerned about KPK. Their only objective is to damage the economy and stock exchange through creating political instability in the country. Their priority is PTI, not Pakistan. Biggest shame for PTI.

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