PCB will review Sethi’s decisions: Zaka Ashraf

Ashraf was speaking to the media upon his arrival at the PCB headquarters in Lahore.

Express News screen grab of Zaka Ashraf from the press conference.

LAHORE: Reinstated Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairperson Zaka Ashraf has said PCB will take into account all decisions made during Najam Sethi's tenure as the head of the board, Express News reported.

Ashraf was speaking to the media upon his arrival at the PCB headquarters in Lahore. He was reinstated by the Islamabad High Court on May 17 after the Sethi-chaired managing committee was dismissed.

During the press conference, Ashraf said that he would follow up on the 'good decisions' made under the chairmanship of Sethi.

“However, if all those ‘good decisions’ are simply verbal agreements then there is nothing that there can be done about that,” he added.

Dissolved governing body

There is uncertainty regarding Ashraf's reinstatement since the governing body currently stands dissolved after losing eight of the 10 governing board members. Shakil Shaikh being the most recent member to resign.

Shaikh was also a member of the managing committee, formed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, which was governing the board before IHC’s intervention.

An ad-hoc set-up is likely to be imposed on Monday by the PCB Patron, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is likely to announce a new chairperson.

However, Ashraf contradicted the claims of some of the board officials in this regard and stated the PCB is currently functional.

As per PCB constitution, the board of governors consists of 15 members out of which there only 10 voting members – five elected as regional presidents and five who are representatives of service organisations/departments.

The quorum for any meeting is 25% of the voting members – three members out of 10 voting members. The PCB chairman is not a voting member and cannot be included in the composition of the quorum.

At present, there are only two members representing their regions with an existing tenure Mohammed Rafiq Boghio (Larkana) and Noorul Haq Baloch (FATA).

Further, the second provision to the paragraph 9(2) states that it is imperative that at any given time all provinces shall be represented in the governing board.

A separate procedure is given under the PCB constitution for the appointment of members from regions and from service organisations/departments.

Under the PCB constitution the governing body cannot legally perform its functions unless the appointments are made.

Experts say Ashraf is ‘powerless’ without backing of the governing body and believe it will take at least a month to install a new governing body.


Parvez | 7 years ago | Reply

....48 hours later he'll be out again.

Arsalan | 7 years ago | Reply

Welcome back. Please appoint a new governing body and conduct the business. The court orders were a shut up call to PMLN, which must now refrain from political interference into the matters of the board, and stop its stooges who claim to be senior experts.

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