Media watch: Past mistakes and present problems

Media analyse the so called Nationalisation 'mistake,' while looking other at problems facing the PPP govt right...

Ali Syed November 01, 2010

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Education sector

Mr Bhutto`s policy choices in the 1970s continue to impact the economy and society in many ways today. If poor choices were once made, not being able to call a spade a spade, or a mistake a mistake, compounds the negative effects of those choices. (

Nationalisation: a mistake?

The wave of neo-liberalism in recent decades has infected the PPP, which is why Prime Minister Gilani and his ilk talk about the benefits of privatisation. Instead of dubbing nationalisation of schools and colleges as a mistake, the prime minister should think of the negative effects of private sector education. (

Ever-increasing misery

We ask how – in times when parents kill children they cannot feed, beggars increase in number along many streets and desperate families beg for food – any government can inflict such torture on people. Among the worst-affected of course are those too proud to beg. It is of course still more ironic that the measures come from a setup that claims to stand for the poor and was elected on this slogan. (

Massive misuse of DTRE

What it failed to take note of was the culture prevalent in the FBR, acknowledged by former Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin as the most corrupt entity in the country and the failure of the four finance ministers, including the incumbent Dr Hafeez Sheikh, to take effective measures to combat corruption within FBR as a more appropriate measure to meet the government's objectives with respect to revenue generation, mainly because the staff of FBR fall within its own ambit. (


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