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Many university students who live and study in Karachi are often dissatisfied by their academic experience.

Ali Sidiki May 13, 2014

I have noticed that many university students who live and study in Karachi are often dissatisfied by their academic experience. The prime reason for this complaint is the absence of a ‘university experience’ which involves staying away from home and living on campus. Well, you can easily classify me as one of those scrawny young chaps with a permanent dejected look (overshadowing my otherwise flamboyant personality) owing to this very dissatisfaction. I was thus constantly on the look out to enrich my student years.

Eventually, like everyone else, I got my big break, too. “Don’t do it, you can’t handle it!” were the first phrases blurted out by my friends when I expressed my intention to apply for a job at The Express Tribune, where I had previously completed my internship in the summer. Of course, working part-time, coupled with the rigours of a full-fledged academic programme, that too in the media sciences — which is an extremely demanding subject in terms of creative exertion — was a challenge. But curiosity got the best of me; I was curious about my ability to handle such pressure and went ahead with the job.

Contrary to my expectations, I was able to facilitate myself by opting for a flexible academic routine that allowed me the leverage to dedicate myself to longer working hours. The transition from a full-time student to a part-time employee has been tough on the nerves, but the end result has been refreshing and has definitely given a boost to my self-esteem. Working in a media organisation has given me the exposure required to thrive in the field I plan on being a part of.

Starting to work at the age of 20 has really opened my eyes in terms of what I want to be or at least what I aspire to be. I feel more responsible and I suddenly see myself managing time effectively (or at least trying to). The people around me have started respecting me more as well and that has really helped me feel better about myself and that has given me the strength to work and study simultaneously.

Therefore, those who consider themselves as pawns of fate should know that there is still hope and knowledge awaiting you if you choose to find happiness in what you do. One must take the plunge and try to make the most of what they have.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 13th, 2014.


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