Imran avoids criticising former CJP on party's advice

PTI chief did not criticise Iftikhar Chaudhry in his Islamabad rally speech on advice of party's legal wing.

Hasnaat Malik May 12, 2014
Chairman PTI Imran Khan addressing the protesting rally at D-Chowk, Islamabad. PHOTO: PTI

ISLAMABAD: In view of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) legal wing’s advice, party chief Imran Khan in his speech in Islamabad yesterday avoided targeting former chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry regarding his alleged role in the supposed rigging in the May 11 general elections last year, sources told The Express Tribune.

Everyone was surprised to see that the PTI chief had not used a signal word against the former chief justice despite his constant criticism in the recent past regarding Chaudhry’s alleged role in the rigging. Imran had also termed him as an “Indian umpire”.

Sources revealed that many people including senior lawyers namely Hamid Khan, Wajiuddin Ahmad, Ahmad Awais, Advocate General Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Latif Yousufzai  were upset over Imran’s statement against Chaudhry. Therefore, they recommended the PTI chief not to malign the former chief justice unnecessarily.

It is to be noted that these lawyers, who are senior members of PTI, were some of the main supporters of the former CJP during his tenure. Similarly, Hamid Khan was the head of one section of legal fraternity, which was known as “pro Iftikhar lawyers group”.

“I think former chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has done nothing wrong to PTI as he has given relief  to our party in so many cases in the past”, stated a senior PTI lawyer, adding that he disagreed with his leader’s stance on this matter.

Giving details about the cases, he said that when the PTI chief had approached the top court against the unverified voters’ lists, the then chief justice had admitted his petition and started the process regarding the preparation of new voters’ lists.

The senior lawyer further stated that Chaudhry while accepting PTI’s plea had ordered the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to verify voters’ lists in Karachi with the help of the army and the Frontier Corps.

The former chief justice had also stressed the commission to devise a mechanism so that overseas Pakistanis could exercise their ‘right of vote’ before the next general elections, he added.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Ahsan, an active lawyer and senior member of pro Iftikhar lawyers group, also said that since Hamid Khan is the group’s leader, they have conveyed their reservations to him regarding Imran’s viewpoint regarding the former chief justice.


Shuaib | 7 years ago | Reply

Even his own party member's think he's gone nuts. Haha, grow up IK. You are too indecisive and childlike to be a PM of any country.

Professor | 7 years ago | Reply

Pakistan is a mess ! Not Pakistan itself but the mindset of the leaders. How can a responsible politician cast aspersions on a retired CJ with such disdain? It can never happen anywhere else in the world ! Mr.Khan's allegations against the CJ is based on what? Just hunches and circumstantial evidence. No wonder Pakistan has no institutions left. When you humiliate the head of an institution, what do you expect? IK should give his mouth a rest. He has an illusion of grandeur. He may have been a great cricketer but he is a 3rd rate politician.

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