Electricity tariff to rise two per cent

The govern­ment has decide­d to raise the electr­icity tariff by two per cent per annum on the direct­ives of IMF.

Express October 31, 2010

LAHORE: The government has decided to raise the electricity tariff by two per cent per annum on the directives of IMF.

This decision was taken based on repeated IMF directives calling on the government to introduce reforms in the power sector. The government has decided to gradually call off the subsidy on electricity thus shift the burden to the general public.

The enhancement of  electricity tariffs by two per cent each year is an attempt to comply with IMF conditions regarding the release of the $11.3 billion loan to Pakistan.

The last IMF review was completed in May and the review for the release of the sixth tranche has been delayed since August over several issues, such as an increase in power tariffs and implementation of reformed general sales tax (RGST).

A notification from the Ministry of Water and Power in this regard is likely to be issued on November 1.


masroor | 10 years ago | Reply these are the parts and parcles of this man made system (democracy). Dont expect anything good from it. Ministers loan money, use it for their own benefits and in return they have to implement their policies. We are not independent yet, whoever come will do the same. On the other hand few religious parties want to change this democratic system with the so called islamic system they are also misleading the nation in the name of islam.
Fayaz Hussain | 10 years ago | Reply Hopes to hear more good news shortly regarding increase in other roducts of daily use/ consumption.. Milk has already gone up, petrol is up around 6 rupees per litre and now we fear a lot that how much bad impact will it put on daily food items... Will we some how be able to survive with the help of so called 'AWAMI Hukumat' with the promise to provide Roti, Kapra and Makkan to each and every one.. We say here, we do not need luxury of owning a small house and also Kapra (clothes) those luxuries should be spared only for the upper class we would be very happy with the government and the decision makers, if, only they could let us live peacefully with our purchasing power to remain only to feed our ourselves thrice a day.. We are still more happy to pay the electricity bills amounting to thousands of rupees for consuming it to use one fan, one tv (rarely in use), no light during day, about one to two savers to light up the home for few hours and one small refrigerator with their efficiently provision of the electricty to us...
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