Nawaz Sharif proposes national charter

Sharif proposes a special charter “outlining the country’s development” path for 25 years.

Anwer Sumra October 29, 2010

LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday proposed a special charter “outlining the country’s development” path for 25 years and “addressing the problems of the masses” with broad consensus.

Such a charter, which Nawaz recommends be called Meesaq-e-Pakistan, is “the only solution to all the evils ailing the country”. Nawaz, who heads the mainstream Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, was talking to media persons after offering condolences to South Asian Free Media Association secretary-general Imtiaz Alam (Safma) upon the death of his mother.

The 25-year plan should recognise the supremacy of the constitution and parliament, according to Sharif.  “The country will advance only if all the segments of society, including the civil society and the media, would stop thinking of themselves as ‘sacred cows’,” he said.

The agenda-setting should be made after taking on board all political parties, members of the judiciary, the armed forces, as well as civil society and media representatives.

“To achieve prosperity, it is essential that political forces honour the sanctity of the ballot and the mandate of the people,” he said. “I have requested the government to prepare a 25-year Meesaq-e-Pakistan, to address the problems of the masses. It is a unique event in history that the opposition is requesting the ruling party to prepare a 25-year agenda for the development of the country.”

Nawaz also spoke out in favour of developing national consensus on all important issues. “In these days of desperation, the nation is longing to listen to good news,” he said, adding that political forces should honour the constitution.

Speaking about Asma Jahangir’s election as Supreme Court Bar Association president through annual elections, Nawaz said: “She is a person who thinks positively. I am sure she would speak for the supremacy of law and constitution”.

In a reference to the unification of all Pakistan Muslim League factions, he asked, “Who is doing this?”

Nawaz said that he had met a number of senior journalists and had discussed several topics of national importance with them, including sustainability, social justice, economic prosperity, peace, eradication of terrorism, strong relations with the world, particularly India, and civil and military understanding.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 29th, 2010.


WAQAR | 10 years ago | Reply Dear Anonymous . Where I almost agree with some parts of your annalysis, there I totally disagree with your remark "What is tad more disappointing is the large section of Pakistan that supports such a party with no actionable results". This is precisely the point that I want everyone to understand. In Pakistan the max turnout in all of the past elections has never crossed 25 to 30% at best(though it is my rough guess) So the loonies sitting in the assemblies get elected at best by 12 to 15% votes.Meaning by the balance 70% of the listed voters hold the real power. This 12 to 15% definately is not a large section of the complete population cake. So its a wake up call for all listed Pakistani voters. Please go and vote these quacks out..
WAQAR | 10 years ago | Reply Dear the insurgency and the american intervention is primarily because of the reason following:- We are a socially unjust state Which Makes us weak And Allows America to intrude into our affairs If at we are serious in surviving as an independent state within the comitte of nations we have to take extra ordinary decions. No amount of mopping under the mat is going to help we have to brush out the dirt and throw it into the Arabian Sea. If you ask me to give you a one liner answer for delivering what I suggest it shall be " PLEASE ASK THE SLEEPING MAJORITY OF PAKISTAN TO WAKE UP AND VOTE AGAINST THE COMPLETE LEADERSHIP PRESENTLY AT THE HELM OF AFFAIRS" I assure you that if that happens non of these quacks will be seen in Pakistans assembly halls and CHANGE WILL COME. Neither the insurgency nor America can stop it , but if we keep sleeping then ALLAH too will not help us. SO PLEASE VOTE THEM OUT.
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