Messrs Dasti and Jutt

Shafique Ahmed April 15, 2010

KARACHI: Could the president of Pakistan, who also happens to be co-chair of the ruling party, kindly explain to me – and to other taxpayers – just how and why Jamshed Dasti, who himself admitted to having a fake degree and then resigned his seat from the National Assembly, has yet again been given a ticket for a by-election? In fact, the PPP has given another gentleman by the name of Nazir Jutt – who also resigned his seat on account of having a fake degree – a party ticket as well. Surely the party, which has the highest number of seats in parliament, could find more worthy candidates than these two gentlemen? By giving tickets to Messrs Dasti and Jutt what kind of message is being sent to ordinary Pakistanis? The only one I can think of is that it pays to cheat and steal and have a fake degree.


Tariq Sheikh | 13 years ago | Reply We should have the right to question how these people are not prosecuted for cheating the public at large. And they should be charged with crimes for cheating and disrespecting their public offices.
Roda | 14 years ago | Reply Parties are family kingdom,How can we expect some good from people who them self are uneducated .They surly do such things in future too. Does there voters have some moral value to reject them by vote. NO ,they will win again .
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