Govt made major shift in terrorism policy: Nisar

Interior minister says security forces will now target militants in their hideouts.

Ferya Ilyas February 26, 2014
Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. PHOTO: PID

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan informed the National Assembly on Wednesday that the present government has made a major shift in its policy towards tackling terrorism.

The interior minister said that since former president Pervez Musharraf’s era, the security forces would respond to any terror attack in the area where it had occurred, but under the new policy, the forces will respond by targeting militants in their hideouts.

Rubbishing criticism regarding the government not having a proper policy, Nisar stressed that the shift in the policy shows that the government has a plan and is in fact moving forward.

National security policy

Nisar presented the national security policy in the parliament today.

Breaking down the major parts of the policy, Nisar said it was divided into three parts – day-to-day policies as well as strategic and operational parts.

Stressing that national security was of grave importance, the interior minister said the government would appreciate input from everyone.

He added that the policy was in a draft form and can be adjusted to accommodate suggestions from other lawmakers.

He also cautioned the parliamentarians to not just criticise but give alternate solutions as well.

Nisar also commended the Muttahida Quami Movement for being the only political party which provided suggestions to the government with regard to the issue.

Line of action

Nisar told the fellow lawmakers that the first part - which deals with the day-to-day polices - will not be revealed and remain confidential as it involves details about daily operations.

He explained that the strategic part of the policy sets out rules for how to use various options available to the government including dialogue, military operation and use of force and negotiation simultaneously.

While explaining the third part of the policy, Nisar said this was the part the government focused on the most and it deals with tackling threats and responding to attacks.

According to the interior minister, a joint coordinator will be appointed for communication between the numerous intelligence agencies working in the country. Furthermore, rapid response forces will be formed to tackle security situation without delay. The forces – to be deployed in each of the province – will have access to airfields to ensure immediate response. Also, a security division will be established to coordinate with civil armed forces.


Rex Minor | 10 years ago | Reply


Finaly the American administration have convinced the civilian and military to bomb Pakistan back to stone age along with its residents.

Rex Minor

imran bhatt | 10 years ago | Reply

When there is no policy in new security policy that PM announced while on his way to Terbela and government says its a major policy shift. When everyone can see a u-turn on Pakistan's position on Syria and government says there is no shift in Pakistan stance on Syria. I can only say: Haran hon dil ko rooan ke peetoan jigar ko mein Muqdoor ho to sath rakhon noha gar ko mein.

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