Shahzaib Bajwa: Visa issue resolved, says brother

Brother says insurance company will pay medical bills and Shahzaib will be treated in the US.

Web Desk February 20, 2014
Muhammad Shahzaib Bajwa, 20, was spending a semester in an exchange programme at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. PHOTO: SUPPORT FOR SHAHZAIB BAJWA FACEBOOK PAGE

WASHINGTON: The visa issue of Pakistani exchange student Muhammad Shahzaib Bajwa has been resolved, according to his brother, Express News reported on Thursday.

His brother, Shahraiz Bajwa, also said that the insurance company will pay the medical bills and Shahzaib will be treated in the US.

Shahraiz stated that Shahzaib's health has improved and he is showing signs of recovery.

Shahzaib, 20, was spending a semester in an exchange programme at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, studying anthropology and sociology.

On November 13, 2013, he and his friends were driving back to the university from Minneapolis when their car struck a deer, his brother Shahraiz had said.

What was meant to be an academic semester abroad through a State Department-backed exchange programme has turned into a complex journey through US insurance, medical and visa regulations for the family from Faisalabad.

The brother had earlier said that the insurance company was pressing the family to sign off on returning Shahzaib to Pakistan once his visa runs out at the end of the month, threatening not to pay evacuation costs if the family refuses.

“My mother is not going to sign because that would be like killing her son with her own hand,” the brother had stated.


Susan M Jones | 7 years ago | Reply

I am very glad that he gets to stay and he will get the medical care he needs now. When this story first broke, I was very angry that he may have been deported. I'm an American, and it seemed like we have all these illegals coming in from Mexico who get food stamps and money and health care and everything else, and here's one person, a student, trying to do something with his life, here legally, gets into an accident not his fault, in the hospital, in a coma, and they were going to send HIM home to die?? I was very very angry, so this story here is VERY good news. Thank you God, thank you USA my country for not disappointing me. My prayers are with this family, I truly hope he makes a good recovery.

MK | 7 years ago | Reply


Extreme liking (ignoring all the wrong doings) and extreme hatred (ignoring any good actions) is common attitude in Sub Continent.Extremists like you are part of the problem, either extreme is wrong. If you think rationally you will notice no one person or country is absolutely and always right or absolutely wrong. This is a great step by US to let him stay and treated. He cannot survive long trip back to Pakistan in the condition he is in (@Kay).

Like any other country US does right and wrong things.And you cannot link this to drones, bombing, and CIA sponsored killings coups (past and present).

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