DHA has till May 30 to fix Gizri flyover

April 14, 2010

KARACHI: The administrator of Defence Housing Authority Brig Khalid Tirmizi visited Gizri Flyover to check if they will be able to meet the Sindh High Court deadline of May 30 to clean up the area around it.

Project managers told him that the construction of roads under the flyover was being inordinately delayed because of technical snags in shifting major water pipelines and electric cables passing underneath the existing road surface. DHA also has to shift electric poles, PTCL lines and sewage lines.

They have to be able to do this work without disconnecting people. The controversial Gizri flyover was opened for traffic on Jan 14 but the Sindh High Court told DHA to ensure the roads and lights are fixed within two months. The flyover cost Rs704 million and was built by M/s Osmani & Company in consultation with Nespak.

The contractor said that 40 per cent of the work has been completed and they are working day and night to get the rest done. The administrator also visited the sites for infrastructure development in DHA Phase VIII where they are laying a water supply network, sewerage system, streets and roads.

The infrastructure work from zone 1 to 4 in Zulfiqar Commercial Area is expected to be completed by May. Brig. Tirmizi asked the Development Directorate of Phase VIII to ensure that electricity, gas and water supplies are set up in the area so that construction can start. The administrator also visited 16th street in DHA Phase VIII where they are undertaking compaction work for three lanes on each side. He also inspected the construction of roads in DHA Phase VIII by NLC.

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