87% of Pakistani households own cellphones, only 6.8% have internet connection: survey

17.4% of urban homes have internet access compared to 1.3% of rural homes: PDHS.

Khurram Siddiqui February 03, 2014

The Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey (PDHS) recently published a comprehensive report in which it lists the percentage of households that have specific durable consumer goods.

Mobile phones and televisions rank as two of the most commonly owned consumer electronic items in Pakistan.

The difference in mobile phone ownership between urban and rural areas is not significant (94.7% compared to 83% respectively). However, the difference in percentage of households that have an internet connection is notable, with 17.4% of urban homes having access to internet compared to 1.3% of rural homes.

The second most commonly owned electronic consumer item on the list was the television, found in 60.2% of households nationwide.

Computer, air conditioner, and non-mobile telephone ownership was particularly low at 13.3%, 7.2%, and 9.0% respectively.

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The section on household possessions also enumerated the various means of transport that households in urban and rural areas own.

The most commonly owned means of transport across the board was the motorcycle/scooter with 34.5% of households owning one, while the second most popular means of transport was the bicycle, owned by 27.8% of households.

9% of all households (both urban and rural) own an animal-drawn cart, but only 6.2% of households own a car, truck or bus.

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While conventional demographic information like household income and access to sanitation facilities is a good indication of living conditions and household socioeconomic status, information about ownership of durable consumer goods is also helpful. For example, access to radio or television exposes individuals to news, health information and educational materials.


A total of 13,944 households were selected for the survey. Of these, 12,943 households were successfully interviewed. 6,335 of these households were from urban areas and 6,608 were from rural areas.


Fatma Zehra | 8 years ago | Reply

the ownership of Televisions, motorcycles is a huge opportunity for how we want to reach out to the citizens of this country, and the messages. The ownership of cell phones is an even bigger opportunity with financial, educational and health applications, which can be provided at the individual's doorstep. In a number of areas recently visited, what was amazing was how people had cell phones even in areas where there is no electricity. after the 50th person we came across with a phone, in a power-less village, we were told that they all charge their phones at the mosque! yes the mosque in most villages was the only place that had a generator, to power the public address system. Opportunitiy!

N.sid | 8 years ago | Reply

@ivehadit: This is probably because there is a large number of local manufactures like Stylo, Asia, Super Asia, Dawlance, PEL, Waves, Sabro, National and a host of others. Add to this the manufacturing units of International brands in Pakistan like Haier, Singer, National, Orient, Sharp than the figure seems believable.

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