Twitter alert: How good is your #BurgerUrdu?

Monday's top trend on Twitter in Pakistan reflects how our national language is modified everyday.

Ali Sidiki January 27, 2014
The #BurgerUrdu trend is the perfect example of how Urdu has changed throughout the years. DESIGN: AMNA IQBAL

KARACHI: Much has been made of the way Urdu, our national language has gone through the wringer by those who find themselves use it fleetingly as a working vernacular in the absence of wider use of English. It was thus interesting to see some common phrases that demonstrate it as the Twitterverse came alight with the hash tag #BurgerUrdu on Monday evening.

Urdu was born from the need of communicating in multi-lingual Mughal barracks. It is little surprise then that the constant state of evolution in the language has transformed it from the language used by the likes of Mir, Ghalib and Iqbal to profess philosophies, to the crude mixture of English and Urdu in modern phrasology.

The trend on Monday went viral within minutes as people chipped in  with some funny examples of Urdu's evolution, others as a mockery of the the so-called "burgers" of Pakistan.

While the trend was celebrated on Twitter, some also chose to criticise it.
Though the #BurgerUrdu trend started out as something funny and harmless, it also shows us how our national language has changed throughout the years. It also is a perfect example of how we tend to mix English and Urdu on a daily basis and get away with it.

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